East New Market


The Dorchester Circuit

of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Churches, Chapels, & Places of Worship...

Bethesda, Bethlehem, Greggs, Griffith, East New Market, Ennalls Spring's Camp, Hubbard's Camp, Hurlock, Manship, McKendree, Vienna, Wainwrights, & Washington

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1867 -The Vienna Circuit was set of by the Bishop at the Conference of 1867. 

H.H. Fisher was appointed Preacher in charge, but upon being informed that there was no parsonage and no prospect of a support declined to come.  The P.E. appointed Wm F Talbott who was then a Supervisory who took charge of the circuit, among great difficulties in the way of success, but by hard work and prudence he was unable to arrange the work, so as to meet the approbation of the people.  The Circuit embraced 4 appointments Vienna & Salem were taken from Dorchester and Greggs & Griffith were taken from Aries Circuit.  Greggs Chapel was burned December 11, 1866 under the administration of J W VanBusklow.  And was rebuilt this year (1867) and dedicated December 8, 1867 by Rev. J S Willis.  It was mainly built by Jesse Wainwright.  To him be the reward and to God the glory.

1884 - The Dorchester Circuit was divided into three charges as follows: 

(1) East New Market & Salem - to be known as East New Market
(2) Vienna, Wainwrights, & Manship to be known as Vienna Circuit
(3) Washington & McKendree to which the Battist Church was added it having been about the babtist society.  The three churches be known as Hurlock Circuit.

All of the above was transacted at the conference held in the City of Wilmington in March 1884.  Bishop Harris presiding.

T.O. Ayres - East New Market
V.S. Collins - Vienna
G.F. Hopkins - Hurlock 


Bethlehem Chapel United Methodist Church Peninsula Annual Conference, Easton District, Church Creek Charge

1781 - First organized Methodist Church in Dorchester County was on Taylors Island

1787 - First Methodist Church built on Taylors Island for Methodist Episcopal Church referred to as "Methodist Meeting House," later called Bethlehem

1897 - New Church built for Bethlehem congregatinn, Dorchester Circuit Methodist Episcopal Church, Phila conference

1860 - Bethlehem Congregation reorganized as Taylors Island Station, Virginia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South, Withdrew from Methodist Episcopal Church in dispute over slavery.

1862 - Taylors Island Circuit includes Antioch Church and Bethlehem.

1866 - Joppa Church at Tobacco Stick (now Madison) and Friendship (originally from Ennals Chapel) become part of circuit.

1868 - The name Dorchester Circuit substituted for Taylors Island Circuit.

1887 - Cambridge Circuit carved from Dorchester Circuit including Antioch, Bucktown, Friendship and Milton. Dorchester Circuit made up of Joppa at Madison, Nazareth at Lakesville, Bethlehem at Taylors Island, Oak Grove (commonly called Golden Hill) and Zion.

1891 - Bucktown returned to Methodist Episcopal Church.

1897 - Dorchester Charge included Madison, James Island, Oak Grove, Taylors Island and Lakesville.