East New Market


New Market Episcopal Church

The New Market Episcopal Church was built in 1791 as evidenced by the deed below.  To date no further records of this Church have been located.  The Church likely was not in existence for long.

8 HD 71 - 4 August 1794 - James Sulivane, Gentleman, and the State of Maryland to Edwards Thompson and Daniel Sulivane, as Trustees of the New Market Episcopal Chapel for 5 shillings:  Part of a tract called "New Market".  Beginning at a red oak marked with 9 notches standing on the east side of the main road that leads from Cambridge to Cabin Creek Mills, and about 40 perches distance on a north line from the said James Sulivane's store house in New Market, and from thence runs N 16 E 10 perches to a stone, then S 74 E 6 perches to another stone, then S 16 W 10 to another stone, then with straight line to the first beginning tree.  Containing 60 square perches.  We the subscribers having been appointed Trustees for he purpose of building a chapel at New Market for the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church and having accepted the said appointment, do certify that the said chapel was built and received by us in the year 1791 and is now called New Market Chapel.

[In the 1794 deed above the New Market Episcopal Church is described as being "40 perches distant on a north line from James Sulivane's store house".  The record below establishes where the James Sulivane's store house was located in 1798.  The 16 degree compass bearing for the lot, is the same compass bearing as North Main Street, further confirming the correct placement of the parcel.]

14 HD 42 - 5 March 1798 - John Tootell, late High Sheriff of Dorchester County to Edwards Thompson for 100 pounds: whereas in 1794 the General Court of the Eastern Shore directed the sheriff to sell good, chattels, lands, and tenements of James Sulivane, late of Dorchester County to pay debts of 2000 pounds due to William Barclay.  Sheriff directed to seize (1) one lot in New Market being a part of a tract called "New Market" about 1 1/2 acres of land with a store house and granary and sundry other parcels of land and other things amounting as by the appraisement to 1390 pounds to satisfy the said William Barclay.  The lot with the store house and granary was sold at auction to Edwards Thompson.  Beginning at a marked cedar post laid at the end of the 3rd course of the lot whereon Doctor Daniel Sulivane now lives, and thence running and binding with the home line of the aforesaid Doctor Sulivane's lot N 2 W 15 1/2 perches to another marked cedar post, thence S 89.5 W 12 3/4 perches to another marked cedar post, thence S 2 E 12 perches to the main road leading from New Market to Vienna and binding and running with said road to the first beginning.  Containing 1 acre.  Also all right & title to the said Store House, Granary, and lot of land specified.  In 1797 the sheriff sold another part of James Sulivane's lands to pay his debt to William Barclay, one lot in New Market with a cabinet makers shop for 25 pounds.