East New Market

Books by Neil Frampton

Books by Neil Frampton

I highly recommend these books to anyone with an interest in the History of East New Market or Secretary, Maryland.  ~ Frank Collins

From the Warwick River to the Crossroads - On Maryland's Eastern Shore contains 204 pages of over 275 priceless photographs of homes, commercial buildings, schools, ships, autos, and more.  Mr. Neil Frampton conducted oral interviews with many of the senior citizens of the area, which led to making copies of their old, cherished photos to be included in book.  Mr. Frampton provides a caption for each photo that really captures the moment and details the history of the photograph.  This book is a truly marvelous snapshot of an bygone era.  Mr. Frampton also includes a great deal of historical information about East New Market and Secretary.  The section about the East New Market High School (and Academy) contains a unique look into attending school in a small town.  Parts of the book contain a wealth of genealogical information for the family historian.   (reviewed by Frank Collins)

As Mr. Frampton states in his introduction, the book is a "labor of love" not a profitable venture.  Unfortunately, the book is now out of print.  Used copies sometimes are available on Amazon.com.  The Maryland State Archives and various local libraries also have copies of this fantastic book.

Note from Neil Frampton:

"After publishing my pictorial book on ENM and Secretary in 2001, I have in recent years made an effort to collect almost every possible name, fact, and date, relating to the history of ENM.....dating back into the mid 1700's in some  cases.   I have often mailed free excerpts of my efforts to those ENM history buffs who had an interest in reading my collected info.   But recently the quantity of pages has gotten too extensive, let along expensive, to continue doing so.  At this junction, I would like of offer as an email attachment almost all of my findings, with the sole exception of my collection of local memories and tales ( where I hope to do a short book someday including both Secretary and ENM "memories" . I have quite a collection in hand already )   I am also still trying to complete and have publish an updated version of my ENM Cemetery book, to include other nearby cemeteries, consisting of over 150 pages at present.   If anyone cares to email or call me (410-256-1601 in Balto. County) I will forward to them any or all of the following sections: a.. 74 pages of individual ENM area names and also families, dating back to the mid 1700's.; b. 23 pages of important ENM dates and facts c. 19 pages of misc ENM business notes dating to the start of ENM in the 1780's. d. 12 pages of ENM school research notes. e. 8 pages of ENM merchants info dating to the 1790's. f.  4 pages of ENM church history (only partially finished , much work still needed. g.  2 pages re ENM physicians h. 2. pages re ENM taverns   I also have likewise done much research on the Town of Secretary & its surrounding areas, if anyone is interested.   My email address is stocksnbf@verizon.com  , please, to be used for historical info exchange only.
Neil B. Frampton"


In June 2000, Neil B. Frampton recorded the names and dates from every grave in the East New Market Cemetery.  He created Tombstone Records of the East New Market Cemetery to share the records with all interested.  His book updates an earlier book, Tombstones of Dorchester County, Maryland.  The earlier book, published in 1963 counted 1900 grave stones in East New Market Cemetery.  Mr. Frampton's updated work recorded over 4000.  This book is invaluable to the family historian.

Mr. Frampton has nearly completed updating the book and will have a limited number of copies for sale in the near future.