East New Market

Acts and Laws

1780 Fire in the Magazine

18 October 1780 - Henry Hooper, Dorset County to His Excellency the Governor in Council

Sir On the 26th of July last I transmitted to your Board a List of all the Recruits raised and Deserters taken up at that time in this County in Virtue of an Act passed the last Session I have since appointed recruiting Officers in each Hundred to procure Recruits for such Classes as had failed in getting Substitutes at the time limited by the Act but without any Success there not being a Single recruit enlisted by any of them to this time. I have advertised agreeable to your Excellencies Order in Council of the 2ist August in order to inform the persons who compose those Classes which have neglected to find Recruits and for which no Recruits can be obtained that they might discharge the 15 pr Cent in wheat at 60 dollars pr bushel and have just now called on the Commissary of this County who informs me that there has been no wheat offered to him by any of them. The whole of the Class money which I have received amounts to £16..15..0. I recd your Excellencies Order some time ago to transmit you an acco of the Arms Ammunition and Accoutrements in this County belonging to the State. It is really out of my power to make this return at present, The Depredations of the Enemy in several parts of this County have occasioned so many Calls upon me for Arms and Ammunition and of course such a Distribution of them, that I cannot ascertain the Quantity we have but believe it to be the Quantity returned in a List to the late Govr Johnson in Council, except 12 or 14 muskets ab' 50tt gun powder, some Lead Cartridge boxes and Canteens which were since consumed by fire in the Magazine at New Market; what arms we have are in good repair but from the Situation of this County we are really in want of two or three hundred Stand more and some Lead