East New Market

Acts and Laws

1805 - Act to Appoint a Constable


An ACT to empower the levy court of Dorchester county to appoint a constable for the village of New-Market, in the said county. Passed January 19, 1805.

BE IT ENACTED, by the General Assembly of Maryland, That the levy court of Dorchester county, at their annual meeting, shall appoint a constable for the village of New-Market, and that the county clerk shall signify such appointment, under his hand, and deliver the same to the sheriff, within five days after such appointment, and the sheriff shall, within ten days after such delivery, deliver the same to the person so appointed, or leave the same at his usual place of abode, under the penalty of four dollars on the clerk or sheriff respectively neglecting herein, to be recovered be- fore any single magistrate as in case of small debts, to the use of the county.

II. AND BE IT ENACTED, That the constable so appointed in virtue of this act shall be an inhabitant of said village, and that he shall be obliged to execute all warrants and precepts to him directed, and to prevent the tumultuous and disorderly meeting of slaves and negroes within the said village, and within the limits of three miles of the said village, and to punish, with moderate correction, under the direction of any justice of the peace, all such negro and other slaves as shall be found wandering or strolling about the streets in the night-time, or frequenting the houses of other persons within the limits aforesaid, without the permission or consent of their masters, mistresses or overseers; and such constable shall and may have, take, exact and receive, such fees as the law in such case has directed.