East New Market

Acts and Laws

1819 - Incorporate the New Market Academy


An Act to incorporate the Trustees of the New-Market Academy, in Dorchester County.
Lib. TH. No. 6, fol. 347.  Passed February 6, 1819

1. BE IT ENACTED, by the General Assembly of Maryland, That Henry P. Waggaman, John Newton, Levin Marshall, Thomas Light, Morris Roach, Daniel Sulivane, John Stewart, and William W. Eccleston, with such other citizens of Dorchester county as they or a majority of them shall select, not exceeding fifteen in number, be and they are hereby appointed trustees of the New Market Academy in Dorchester county; and the said trustees, and their successors, (to be elected in the manner herein after mentioned,) shall be, and they are hereby erected and created, and declared to be, one community, corporation and body politic, with perpetual succession, in fact and in law, to all intents and purposes connected with the said institution, by the name and style of The Trustees of the New Market Academy, in Dorchester county, by which name and title the said trustees, and their successors, shall be competent and capable in law or in equity, to take and to hold, to themselves and their successors, for the use of the said academy, any estate in lands, tenements, goods, chattels, monies, stock, funds or effects, by the gift, grant, bargain, sale, conveyance, devise or bequest, of any person or persons whatsoever, provided the same do not exceed in the whole the clear yearly value of two thousand dollars, and the same to convey, lease, loan, or otherwise dispose of, for the use of the said academy, in such manner as to them, or a quorum of them, shall seem most beneficial to the constitution.

2. AND BE IT ENACTED, That at all times for ever hereafter, when any vacancy or vacancies shall happen in the said community of trustees, by the death, resignation, or refusal of any one or more of the trustees thereof to attend four succeeding stated meetings of the board of trustees, the surviving or remaining trustees, or a quorum of them, may proceed to elect by ballot, other sensible, judicious, and discreet person or persons of the county, to be trustee or trustees to supply the vacancy or vacancies occasioned by the respective causes aforesaid, and in such manner may all future vacancy or vacancies be supplied by the said trustees, and their successors, or a quorum of them, so as to perpetuate not less than the number of five persons as trustees of the said academy for ever.

3. AND BE IT ENACTED, That the said trustees, and their successors, by the name and style aforesaid, shall be capable in law to sue and be sued, answer and be answered, in any court or courts, and before any judge, justice or justices, within this state and elsewhere, in all and all manner of suits, complaints, pleas, causes, matters and demands, of whatsoever nature, kind or form they be, and all and every other matter or thing to do therein, in as full and effectual a manner as any other person or persons, bodies corporate or politic, within this state, in like cases may do and perform; and the said trustees, and their successors, or quorum of them, shall have full power and authority to have, make and use, one common seal, with such devices and inscriptions as they shall think proper, and the same at their pleasure to break, alter and renew. Trustees.

4. AND BE IT ENACTED, That any three or more of the said trustees shall be and are hereby constituted a quorum, and are hereby empowered to meet from time to time at the said academy, or at any other place within Dorchester county, previously designated by the said trustees at their last meeting, and when so assembled may, in the absence of the other trustees who do not attend, do any act, matter or thing, which the whole number of trustees, or a majority of them, might do were they present or attending, any thing in any law to the contrary notwithstanding.