East New Market

Acts and Laws

1835 - Supplement to Incorporate

Passed Feb 16, 1835

A supplement to the act to Incorporate the Town, called and known by the name of East New Market, in Dorchester county.

Section 1 Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That so much of the ninth section of the original act to which this is a supplement, as fixes the limits of the said town of East New Market, to the distance of one half of a mile from the tavern aforesaid, each way, be, and the same is hereby repealed, and the limits of said town, in future, shall be, one third of a mile, each way, from the tavern aforesaid, and no farm or any part thereof, the dwelling house upon which shall not be in the limits of said town, shall be subject to any tax or charge whatever, without the consent of the owner or occupier thereof .

Section 2. And be it enacted, That the bailiff hereafter to be appointed by said commissioners, shall collect all fines and forfeitures under the ordinances of said commissioners, and for this purpose only, he is hereby invested with the same power and authority as constables now have under the existing laws of this State.

Section 3. And be it enacted, That said commissioners shall keep the public roads, lying within the limits of said town, in good repair, and the bailiff or other person appointed by them for that purpose, shall have and possess all the powers that overseers of the public roads now have provided that nothing contained in this section shall be so construed as to give any power without the corporate limits of said town and provided further, that it does not interfere with, or affect the present powers of the county overseers of the public roads, in Dorchester county