East New Market

Acts and Laws

1892 - Sell Colored Children's School Lot

AN ACT to authorize and empower trustees herein named to convey a Lot of ground, situated in New Market District, in Dorchester County, to the Board of County School Commissioners of said county. Whereas a certain Jeffrey Stanley, late of Dorchester County, deceased, in his lifetime sold to Charles Hughes, Lewis Young and John Wesley Sampson, as trustees, a certain lot of ground in East New Market District, in said county, in trust for the maintenance of a school thereon for the education of the colored children of the said district, and whereas, the said Stanly departed this life without having executed any deed of conveyance for said lot to the said trustees, and after his death James Alfred Hughes, his administrator, duly conveyed the said lot to the said trustee by deed bearing date, on the 5th day of November A. D., 1874, and recorded in Liber F. I. H., No. 10, of the land records of said county aforesaid, folios 5 and 6, as by reference to the same will fully, and at large appear, and whereas the said lot has. since been abandoned, as a school house lot, and the Board of School Commissioners of said county have purchased another lot in the said district, much more eligibly located, and have erected a fine school house thereon, and established a school therein, for the education of the colored children of said district, and whereas in consideration of this action on the part of said commissioners, the said trustees are willing and desire to convey to said Board of County School Commissioners, the lot sold and conveyed to the said trustees as aforesaid.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That the trustees herein above named the survivor, or survivors, of them be, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to convey by good and sufficient deed to be executed and acknowledged according to law, to the Board of County School Commissioners of Dorchester County in fee simple, all that lot or parcel of ground which is described in the deed aforesaid from the said James Alfred Hughes, administrator of Jeffrey Stanley, deceased, to the said trustees, together with the building and improvements thereon, and all the rights and appurtenances thereunto belonging.

SECTION 2. And be enacted, That this act shall take effect from the date of its passage.

Approved March 15th, 1892.