East New Market

Acts and Laws

1904 - Repeal & Reenact Boundaries of Town


AN ACT to repeal Sections 139 and 152 of Article 10 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Maryland, title "Dorchester County," sub-title "East New Market," and to re-enact the same with amendments.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That Sections 139 and 152, Article 10, of the Code of Public Local Laws of Maryland, title "Dorchester County," sub-title "East New Market," be and the same are hereby repealed and re-enacted so as to read as follows:

139. The limits of said town shall begin at a point on the east side of Main street, near the division line between the John Webster farm and the Baker lands, which bears north fifteen degrees, west fifty-four perches distant from the southeast corner of Railroad avenue and Main street, and shall run from thence (with an allowance of five degrees and forty-five minutes westerly variations) north seventy-five degrees west forty perches; thence south fifteen degrees east fifty and one-half perches to the intersection of the new county road with the East New Market Secretary road; thence south five degrees west thirty-eight perches to the northeast corner of the Creamery Building; thence south nine degrees and forty minutes west two and three-fifths perches to the east side of the aforesaid new county road; thence with the east side thereof south thirty minutes east ninety-four perches to the county road leading from said town to Cambridge ; thence south eighty-eight degrees east fifty perches to the middle of the county road leading from East New Market to Hawkeye; thence with the middle of said road south four degrees east six perches to a bridge ; thence north eighty-eight degrees and forty-five minutes east one hundred and twelve perches; thence north fifteen degrees west one hundred and sixty perches to the aforesaid John Webster lands, and thence therewith north seventy-five degrees west ninety-five perches to the beginning.

152. They may cause an assessment to be made from time to time by one person appointed by them of all the property, real, personal and mixed, of all kinds and descriptions whatever, within the corporate limits of the said town, and such other property as follows the person of the owner, liable bylaw to be valued and assessed and chargeable with taxes in this State; and in making said assessment, the said property shall be valued at its cash value and it shall be chargeable according to such valuation for the corporate purposes of said town ; provided that the tax levied on said property shall not exceed in any one year thirty cents on the hundred dollars of the assessed value thereof; and provided further, any person aggrieved by said assessment shall have an appeal to said Commissioners, who are empowered to increase or abate assessments ; said assessor shall have authority to administer oaths to persons to be assessed, and take a list of their assessable property under oath.

SECTION 2. And be it enacted. That this Act shall take effect from the elate of its passage.

Approved March 15, 1904.