East New Market

Historic Sketches

1925 - Elizabeth Nicols 

The Revised History of Dorchester County, Maryland
by Elias Jones
Tidewater Publishers, Cambridge, Maryland, 1925
pages 92 & 93

East New Market Today
by Miss Elizabeth Nicols

Within the last twenty years, East New Market has progressed not a little.  The number of inhabitants has increased to one thousand; and some new public buildings have been erected.  In place of the old wooden structure known as the East New Market High School, there stands a bright new brick building which was built in 1912.  It has all the latest conveniences and equipments used in modern methods of teaching; its exterior and surroundings add beauty to the town.  In 1915, the Realty Building was constructed of brick; it stands on the main street in the center of the town.  It is an office building in which the community takes much interest.  In it is located the Post Office, Drug Store, Masonic Temple and Public Hall.  Diagonally across the street from this building is The Eastern Shore Trust Company, built in 1910, a pretty bank building of concrete block.

The religious life of the town has become an important social factor in church societies.  The M.E. Church is thriving, and the Baptist built in 1924, a fine new church - very impressive, and a boost for the town.  The Episcopal Church is the oldest in the community, a structure decidedly picturesque, and reminiscent of the Old World cathedrals, has its sacred attractions.  These churches have been steadily progressing form some years past, and with their various social activities have done much to promote the people's interest in community life.

For eleven consecutive years the town has entertained the Swarthmore Chautauqua, and derived much benefit from that modern and intelligent movement.  Today, as in the town life of twenty years ago, we find the old family names of Webster, Hicks, Wright, Smith, and Andrews, with a few new names, - C.E. Bell, who is the bank cashier; H.H. Willoughby, financial director; Dr. H.F. Nicols, who has been the resident physician for eighteen years; Capt. Billy Johnson and C.L. Saxton, all prominent men, who have been a great help to the town.

Some of our beautiful old homes have been well kept.  One of the most striking residences in the town in the Manning property;  it is over 125 years old, and was built by Major Anthony Manning [error], who fought in the War of 1812.  However, it remained longest in the possession of his son, Dr. Anthony Manning, who was a surgeon in the Civil War.  Until the year 1924, this property remained in the family; but has lately been converted into a hotel, the only hotel in East New Market.  The most attractive home in town is now the residence of Mr. George Hicks.  It was built during the first part of the century by Clement O'Sulivane [error], who also built what is known as the Edmondson House [error].  These old houses are in good condition and the pride of the town, and will exhibit to the stranger "passer-by" that East New Market is not a brand new town, but and old, and an aristocratic one.

The surviving members of the Jacobs Family while not permanently residing here still retain much interest in their attractive home, the Edmondson House, tenanted by care takers.  Capt. Wm E.V. Jacobs, of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, and his sister, Miss Emma Edmondson Jacobs, annually return for brief visits to the home of their childhood, and devote liberal care to their property here, probably a place for their future retirement.  They have been living in California, and on the New England Coast, convenient to Stations held by Capt. Jacobs. - By Miss Elizabeth Nicols.