East New Market


1860 Map based on the 1860 Census

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On 28 June 1860 M.C. Littleton enumerated East New Market for the 1860 Census.  The edited map shows East New Market structures and owners along with the dwelling number from the 1860 Census.  An analysis is provided below the map.

1860 Census Map of East New Market

The Census Taker made it easy to analyze how the town of East New Market was enumerated in 1860.  Mr. Littleton entered East New Market from the east and listed Friendship Hall and Buckland, then proceeded south on Main Street listing the east side the street.  After listing the Willis house he continued a little farther down the county road and began listing the houses on the west side of the county road and main street as he worked his way back to the center of town.  After listing the triangular lot house owned by Leckie and occupied by Twilley, he crossed the intersection and listed the four families on the west side of north Main Street and left town.

The Census Taker left us with a small number of questions.   (1) John Dean's "two houses on Secretary Street" definitely existed in 1860, but the Census Taker did not list anyone between Buckland and the Bramble House.  (2) The Edmondson House was not listed.  In 1860 Mr. Edmondson appears to be living at the Brick Hotel with his new wife at her family property.  The Census Taker did not list anyone between Dr. Hooper and the Parsonage.  (3) Anderton's Desire house owned by Eugenia Edmondson was not in the travel pattern of the Census Taker.  The house appears in tax records, so it is not clear if it was missed, counted later, or unoccupied.

One may speculate that the Census Taker skipped the Edmondson House knowing he would find Mr. Edmondson at the Brick Hotel later.  If so, this would be the only instance where the 1860 Census in East New Market was not in order.  Then the question would be, why was the Brick Hotel missed?  Could it have been listed later and possibly been the hotel run by George Stephens, dwelling #782.  This is doubtful.