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1860 Mortality Schedule Census

Dorchester County (entire)

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June 1860 in Districts 1-12 in the county of Dorchester, State of Maryland, enumerated by me, Wm C. Littleton, Asst. Marshall

S=Sex, R=Race, F = free/slave, M = married/widowed, Mo.= Month died, Ill = # of days Ill

Name               Age  S R F M Born  Mo. Profession  Disease         Time Ill 
Elizabeth North     42  F     M  MD   May             Consumption       6 mo.
Charles North       2m  M        MD   Jun             Consumption       2 days
May Rawleigh        4m  F        MD   Dec             Fever             2 days
Susan Jackson       32  F B S M  MD   Oct             unknown           4 week
Nancy Ward          49  F     M  MD   Aug             Dysentery         9 days
Edward Carroll      65  M     M  MD   Apr             Consumption       2 mo.
Elizabeth Davis     7m  F B F    MD   Nov             Cholera           6 days
Hester Hirst        64  F     W  MD   Oct             Dropsy            4 mo.
May Janson          1m  F B S    MD   Jul             unknown           6 days
George Anthony      8m  M B F    MD   May             Dysentery         7 days
Cademus Hurn        20  M        MD   Aug             Dysentery         6 days
Edward Cornish       2  M B S    MD   Jun             Croup             2 days
Jery A. Pusey       28  M     M  DE   May             Sore Throat       2 mo.
William Reid        11m M        MD   Sep             Diarrhea          5 days
John Wilaby         41  M     M  MD   Jan Clerk       Dropsy            6 days
Zadock Ross         60  M     M  MD   Apr Farmer      Heart Disease     sudden
William Wright      33  M        MD   Oct             Consumption       4 mo.
Mary Simmons        29  F     M  MD   Aug             Consumption       3 mo.
Alexander Howard    18  M B F    MD   Feb Laborer     Consumption       3 mo.
Moses Young         60  M B S    MD   Aug             Dropsy            2 mo.
James Dickerson     10m M B F    MD   Aug             Diarrhea          2 week
Isaac Bowly         25  M B F M  MD   Mar Laborer     Pleurisy          3 mo.
Spencer Nash        30  M B S M  MD   May             Typhoid Fever     2 mo.
Lucy Hodson         55  F B S W  MD   Oct             Heart Disease     6 days
Stephen Jackson     30  M B S    MD   Oct             Consumption       3 mo.
Joshua Cornish      17  M B S    MD   May             Drowned           sudden
Margaret Wright     43  F     M  MD   Aug             Consumption       3 mo.
Mary Standley       35  F B S M  MD   Sep             Consumption       3 mo.
Margaret Byas       1m  F B S    MD   Apr             unknown           6 days
William Sewell       1  M        MD   Aug             Inflammatn brain  3 days
Elizabeth Patterson 1m  F B F    MD   Jun             unknown           sudden
Thomas Wrightson    58  M     M  MD   Sep             Pneumonia         6 days
Sarah Wrightson     3m  F        MD   Feb             unknown           sudden
Laura Riggan        15  F        MD   Sep             Inflammatn brain  6 days
Rachael Pinder      4m  F B F    MD   Jul             Summer complaint  3 mo.
Thomas Stewart      4m  M        MD   Aug             Dysentery         1 mo.
James Pennington     1  M M F    MD   Apr             unknown
William Hurley       3  M        MD   Sep             Congestion lungs 
William Davis       10  M        MD   Mar             Pneumonia         4 days
Ann Carroll         30  F        MD   Oct             Bilious fever     4 days
Mary Mills           7  F        MD   Aug             Dropsy            1 year
Jacob Dobson        94  M B S    MD   Jan             old age 
Sarah Dobson        65  F B S    MD   Jun             Bilious           8 days
Ann Paul            35  F        MD   May             Dropsy            4 mo.
Minerva Paul        45  F        MD   Jun             Pleurisy          6 days
Charles Turner      52  M      M DE   Dec Physician   Consumption       6 mo.
Hester Harrington   35  F        MD   Feb             Consumption       5 mo.
Mary Harrington     7m  F        MD   Mar             Cold              6 days
Winder Harrington    2  M        MD   Apr             Consumption       7 mo.
Denwood Jones       50  M      M MD   Sep Farmer      Consumption       6 mo.
Mary Harrington     44  F      M MD   Oct             unknown           1 year
Ziporah Travers     26  F        MD   May             Dysentery        10 days
Catherine Lee       40  F B F  M MD   Sep Laborer     Paralysis         6 days
Ann Malon           15  F B F    MD   Aug             Bilious           6 days
Charlotte Bishop    41  F B F  M MD   May             Travel            2 week
Mary Bowley         70  F B S  M MD   Apr             Consumption       3 mo.
Cornelius Richardson 3  M        MD   May             Dysentery         5 days
Garrison Ellis      39  M B S  M MD   Feb             Constipatn Bowels 6 days
Louisa Fooks        30  F      M MD   Apr             Consumption       2 mo.
Moses Young         70  M B S  M MD   Jul             Dropsy            1 mo.
Rachael Lingus      27  F B S    MD   Jan             Consumption      10 mo.
James Courcey       26  M        MD   Aug             Consumption       6 week
Joseph Trego        15  M B F    MD   Mar Farm Hand   Pleurisy          3 week
Sarah Cornish       40  F B S    MD   Jun             Pneumonia         3 mo.
Manuel Jackson      70  M B F  W MD   Mar             Consumption       4 mo.
Jeremiah Standley   22  M B F    MD   Mar             Pleurisy          3 week
Neil Moot           55  M      W MD   Dec Farmer      Pleurisy          2 mo.
Rily Camper         58  F B F  W MD   Apr Laborer     Consumption       4 mo.
Ella Mase           1m  F        MD   Sep             unknown           3 days
Henrietta Camper    59  F B F  M MD   May             Consumption       6 mo.
William Jeres?      12  M B F    MD   Feb             Consumption       3 mo.
Catherine Thomas    46  F      M MD   Jan             Consumption       3 year
Tam Wilson          20  F        MD   Jul             Typhoid fever     3 week
Eliza Slicks        31  F B F    MD   Aug Servant     unknown           2 week
Charles Stewart     72  M      M MD   Sep Farmer      Heart disease     7 days
Minty Keen          31  F B S    MD   Aug             Consumption       8 mo.
Hester Ann Thomas   23  F        MD   Aug             Consumption       6 mo.
Levin Thomas        20  M        MD   Jan             unknown           4 days
Thomas Spedden       4  M        MD   Feb             Consumption       5 mo.
John Holland         1  M        MD   Aug             unknown          10 days
John Russell        34  M      M MD   Apr Farmer      Dropsy            2 year
Levin Pain          40  M      M MD   Jan Day Laborer Pleurisy         10 days
William Bradly      76  M      W MD   Sep Farmer      Consumption       1 year
Tryphena Houston    52  F      M MD   May             Dyspepsia        18 days
Nancy Cole          75  F B F  W MD   Jan             Pneumonia        14 days
John H. Houston     60  M      W DE   May Farmer      Pleurisy         12 days
John W. Stacks      28  M      M MD   Nov Mariner     Pleurisy          9 mo.
Samuel Sewell       75  M      M MD   Dec             Pleurisy          2 mo.
Mary Robinson       20  F        MD   Feb             Consumption       6 week
Peter Roye          25  M B S    MD   Jul             Pleurisy          8 days
Aaron Phoebus       40  M B S    MD   Dec             Consumption       3 mo.
George Rideout      38  M B S    MD   Mar             Drowned           sudden
Mary Hicks          2m  F B S    MD   Oct             Cholera           1 days
Murray Ennalls      60  M B F  M MD   Mar Farmer      Consumption       4 mo.
Henry Jolly         38  M        MD   Jun Mariner     Typhus fever     10 days
Machten Creighton   35  M        MD   Jun Mariner     Accident          sudden
Sebastian Cooper    25  M        MD   Mar Carpenter   Inflammatn brain  9 days
Charles Wordland    2m  M        MD   Dec             Croup             3 days
Braszilla Slocum    50  M      M MD   Aug Farmer      Tumors            6 mo.
James C. Geohghan   46  M        MD   Sep Teacher     Ulcerative Bowels 4 mo.
Bennet Morgan       42  M      M MD   Mar Carpenter   Kidney disease    6 days
Mary Morgan         1m  F        MD   Mar             Summer Complaint  6 days
Mary Geohghan       4m  F        MD   Sep             Diarrhea          2 mo.
Cyrus Stewart        3  M B S    MD   Nov             Fits              1 days
Isaac Williams      70  M      W MD   Mar             Old age           2 mo.
Washington Jackson   1  M B S    MD   Dec             Suffocation
Isaac Tilman        70  M B S  W MD   May             Old Age
Thomas Ellis         6  M B F    MD   Jun             Drowned           sudden
Lucretia Ellis      50  F B F  M MD   Jun Day Laborer Cancer            1 year
Samuel Travers      72  M      M MD   Aug Farmer      Dysentery        10 days
Samuel Coward       10m M B S    MD   Jul             Fever             6 days
Susan Cooks         37  F      M MD   Mar             Consumption       2 mo.
John Keen            2  M B S    MD   Jun             Pneumonia         6 days
William Keen        11  M        MD   Dec             unknown           2 week
Eliza Mason         32  F B F  M MD   Jul Servant     Consumption       2 mo.
George Perrin        7  M        MD   Aug             Dysentery         5 days
James Perrin         6  M        MD   Aug             Dysentery         8 days
Ellen Perrin         5  M        MD   Aug             Dysentery         3 days
Henry Perrin         3  M        MD   Aug             Dysentery         5 days
Jane Perrin          1  M        MD   Aug             Dysentery         2 days
Gilbert Wingate     76  M        MD   Jun Day Laborer Consumption       1 year
James Robinson      41  M        MD   Apr             Pleurisy          6 days
William Langrall    47  M        MD   Feb             Pneumonia         7 week
Levin Wingate       50  M      M MD   Mar Tailor      Dyspepsia         7 week
Martha Andrews      1m  F        MD   May             Fits              1 days
Mary Stafford       47  F B S  M MD   Oct             Heart disease     6 days
Thomas Wheeler      3m  M        MD   Jun             unknown           2 days
Ann Lednum          37  F        MD   Jun             Fits              1 day
Alice Kirby         5m  F        MD   Aug             Cholera           1 mo.
Alexander Fouble     1  M        MD   Apr             Disease of brain  1 days
Elizabeth McCall    20  F      M MD   Feb             unknown           1 mo.
William Lecompte    66  M      M MD   Sep             Cancer            4 week