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Frank Collins 2007In the early 1990s, Frank Collins began researching local history and genealogy, and teaching people about the treasures of family history.  A recognized local historian in Maryland, genealogist, and web-designer, he has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and various online venues.  Frank has authored more than a dozen family histories and compiled reports on a large number of historic properties.  He is a popular speaker at conferences, training sessions, and other events.  Frank brought his work to the internet with the launch of CollinsFactor in February 2005.

His signature project on the CollinsFactor website is "East New Market, Maryland, A Comprehensive Online", which is also found at

Frank Collins has a special talent for being able to read and understand writing in 17th, 18th, and 19th century records.  His primary focus has been researching records in Maryland and Virginia.  Some of the records include land records (deeds, commissions, patents, certificates), probate records (wills, inventories, accounts, distributions), court records (judgments, equity, chattel, etc.), assessment & tax records, vital records (birth, death, marriage), census records, church records...

Frank is highly skilled with the top software available to help genealogists and local historians.  He recommends The Master Genealogist (TMG) for keeping track of ancestors, DeedMapper for plotting the metes and bounds from land records, and Google Earth for displaying land tracts.  An award-winning Statistician and Project Manager, Frank Collins has worked for the U.S. Census Bureau for 26 years.  During his career, Frank has designed surveys, created software design specs, supervised data collection, and created and managed the budgets of several multi-million dollar projects.  Over the past 24 years, he has managed a staff that has ranged from 40 to 7,000 employees.  Frank holds a degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina Charlotte.