East New Market

Census Records

1870 Mortality Schedule

Dorchester County, District 2

Page = Census Page Number, S = Sex, R = Race, M = Marital Status, Mon = Month of Death

A list of persons who died during the year ending 31 May 1870.

Page Name               Age S R M Occupation    Mon Cause of Death 
13   Mary Robinson        4 F B                 Jul Inflammation of Bowels
17   Sallie M. Nesbitt   2m F                   Jul unknown
19   Harriett R. Reed    2m F                   Aug Inflammation on Brain
30   Annie Willoughby    2m F                   Apr Whooping Cough
53   Joshua Johnson       2 M B                 Feb unknown
56   Mary Lee            64 F B W               Jun Consumption
56   Samuel Ross         5m M B                 Jul Pnuemonia
72   Henry Allen         73 M B M Laborer       Nov Consumption
112  Mary Cornish        4m F B                 Jul unknown
132  William Page        50 M   M Farmer        Jan Pnuemonia
139  William Charles     4m M                   Mar Whooping Cough
142  John Baker          58 M   M Farmer        Mar Pnuemonia
200  Elizabeth Davis     50 F   W Keeps House   Feb Paralysis
205  Mary C. Pinket      13 F B                 May Pnuemonia
211  Lincoln Wright      2m M                   Oct unknown
220  Thomas Conway        1 M B                 Dec unknown
234  John Banks          3m M B                 Oct unknown
237  Mary McGrath         2 F                   Jul Dysentery
254  Samuel P. Davis     38 M   M Farmer        May Spotted Fever
255  Ann Willoughby      67 F   W Keeps House   Mar Consumption
261  Winfield Rideout     2 M B                 Jul Diarrhea
261  James Rideout        1 M B                 Oct Diarrhea
268  John Nicols         28 M B   Laborer       Feb Consumption
271  William Kenney     10m M                   Oct unknown
272  William Mooney      68 M   M               Feb Pnuemonia
282  Joana Hollon        13 F B                 Sep Pnuemonia
282  Edward Hollon        7 M B                 Oct Pnuemonia
285  Washington Young    2m M B                 Aug Diarrhea
292  James Young         3m M B                 Sep Pnuemonia
321  John Waters          1 M B                 Nov Diarrhea
330  Sallie Abdell        2 F                   Jan Inflammation of Brain
335  Anna Moore          73 F   W               May Consumption
356  Linda Saxton         7 F                   Feb Pneumonia
356  Grace Saxton         4 F                   Feb Pneumonia
357  Eleanor Rawlings     1 F                   Oct Cholera
362  Elizabeth H. Wilson 50 F   M Keeping House Nov Pneumonia (born in VA)
367  Cassida Reed        1m M                   Mar unknown
369  Lula Jones           1 F                   Oct Cholera Infantium
377  James Smith         65 M   M               Jul Inflamation on Bowels
402  Mary Boston         36 F B W               Jun Consumption