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Most of the records below have been incorporated into the East New Market property histories.  When I searched these records, I was specifically looking for East New Market properties, which was a small fraction of what was included.  Be sure to scroll down the page to see other dates.  I listed records through 1884.  Since many other records were quickly scanned I may have missed a few East New Market related records.  These types of records may help locate where Samuel Green lived.  Since a property was auctioned and sold to Sherman, there was likely one or more associated court records.  There very possibly could have been an Equity Court record involving the property that Samuel Green resided on. 

Dorchester County Loose Equity Court Papers identified as 1820-1829

No. 74 - Elizabeth Birckhead vs. Jos. Daffin, Susan Wilson (Balto), Charlotte Daffin (Balto), William Daffin (Talbot), Henry Daffin, & Charles Daffin, Heirs at Law of Charles Daffin.  Bill and one exhibit, filed April 10, 1823.

Cambridge Chronicle - 17 April 1824 - Dorchester County Court -
October Term 1823 - Elizabeth Birckhead vs. Joseph Daffin & others, heirs of Charles Daffin, defendants.  The bill in this case states that Charles Daffin in his life time contracted to sell and convey certain lands situated in Dorchester County in fee to a certain tract Daniel Sulivane, the father of the complainant - that the purchase money of the said lands, or the consideration for the same hath been fully satisfied and rendered - that the said lands in virtue of a division of the real estate of the said Doct. Daniel Sulivane, under the acts of descents, were assigned to the complainant & that Joseph Daffin, Henry Daffin, and Charles Daffin severally the defendants and heirs of the said Charles Daffin have removed and do not reside in the state of Maryland - The object of the bill therefore is to obtain a specific performance of the contract and by a decree to compel a conveyance of the said lands from the heirs of the said Charles Daffin to the complainant & her heirs and assigns - it is therefore adjudged & ordered that the complainant by causing a copy of this order to be inserted four successive weeks in one of the papers published at Easton in Talbot County before the first day of March eighteen hundred & twenty four give notice to the said Joseph Daffin, Henry Daffin, & Charles Daffin, the absent defendants & several of the heirs of the said Charles Daffin of this application and of the substance & object of the bill that they may be warned to appear in this court in person, or by a solicitor before the first Monday in April eighteen hundred & twenty four to show cause if any they have why a decree should not be passed as prayed.  E. Richardson, Clk

19 April 1788 - Know all men by these Presents, that I Charles Daffin am hold and firmly bound unto Daniel Sulivane in the full and just sum of five hundred pounds gold or silver currency, to be paid unto the said Daniel Sulivane or his certain attorney, executors, administrators, or assigns, to that which payment will and truly to be made and done.  I bind myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns in the whole and or the whole firmly by these presents, sealed with my seal and dated this nineteenth day of April, Seventeen hundred and Eighty Eight.  The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Charles Daffin, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, do and shall well and truly convey, assign, and make over by a good of bargain and sale of apiese and indefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple to the said Daniel Sulivane, his heirs and assigns at their reasonable request - all the land that the said Charles Daffin bought of John Brinsfield called Ridgy Land and all the land that James Sulivane exchanged with the said Charles Daffin adjoining the aforesaid tract called Ridgey Land containing thirty-six acres more or less avoiding the new courses of the said Lands then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force and virtue in Law.  Charles Daffin (seal), Signed, sealed, & delivered in the presence of Peter Young Hollon.

Dorchester County Loose Equity Court Papers identified as 1829-1840

20 October 1857 - Dorchester County Court sitting as a Court of Equity
The bill of complaint of Elizabeth Stevens and Rebecca Kemp of Dorchester county humbly shows that your oratrixes and a certain Lewis Kemp of Dorchester County as seized as tenants in common in fee of a tract or parcel called __________ and containing 112 1/2 acres, and of a house and lot in the town of East New Market.  An undivided third part thereof belonging to each of your oratrixes respectively, and the remaining undivided third part belonging to that of Lewis Kemp. 
And you oratrixes further charge that it will be for the interest and advantage, both of the said Lewis Kemp and your oratrixes, to sell the aforesaid real estate and divide the proceeds thereof between the parties in the proportion stated.  But that the said Lewis Kemp is an infant under the age of 21 years, and your oratrixes are advised that a sale thereof cannot be had without the aid of this court.
To the end therefore that the said Lewis Kemp may answer the premises, and that a decree may be prayed for the sale of the aforesaid real estate; and that proceeds of said sale be distributed between the said Lewis Kemp and your oratrixes in the proportion hereinbefore stated; and that your oratrixes may have such for their or other relief as then can may require.
May it please your honor to grant unto your oratrixes the state's unit of subpoena to be directed to the said Lewis Kemp commanding him to be and appear before this Honorable Court at a day to be therein named to answer the premises and abide by and perform such decree as may be posed therein; and as in bound they will ever prayer. 
E.R. Hooper Solicitor for Complaints.

29 April 1852 - To the honorable the Judge of the Circuit Court for Dorchester County, sitting as a court of equity:  The report of Lewis Ross, trustee appointed by the decree in this cause, to make sale of certain real estate therein mentioned, shows:  that after giving bond with security for the faithful discharge of his trust, as acquired by said decree, and giving notion of the time, place, manner, and terms of sale by advertisement in the Cambridge Democrat, a newspaper printed in Dorchester County, for more than three succession weeks before the day of sale, and by hand with returns circulated throughout said county, he did pursuant to said notice attend at East New Market on Saturday the 27th day of March 1852, and then and there proceeded to sell the said real estate, and Dewitt C. Handley, being then and there the highest bidder therefore became the purchaser of the farm whereon John Kemp, deceased, lived at the time of his death for the term of $1,615, and that Leah Howard being then and there the highest bidder therefore became the purchaser of the dwelling house and store house and lot in East New Market formerly belonging to the said John Kemp, for the sum of $820.  And your trustee for the states he has taken the bonds of the said purchasers with approved surety for the payment of the purchase money according to the terms subscribed by the said decree, which he brings into Court to be disposed of under the order of the Court.  That the said sale was in all respects fair.  Which is respectfully submitted. Lewis Ross

22 November 1851 - Deposition of James D. Twilley, witness of lawful age, produced on the part?  Camb being duly summoned, appears and says,  (1) that he is acquainted with the parties to this suit, and has known them since 1844; (2) I am acquainted with the real estate belonging to John Kemp, deceased, the house and lot in New Market are now in a dilapidated condition, and unless soon repaired probably will become utterly useless.  Buildings on the farm are in very bad state of repair.  Farm almost destitute of the necessary outbuildings.  The dwelling house is badly built and now needs a considerable outlay upon it to render it comfortable.  The land is very ordinary and does not possess sufficient timber for it to support.  The farm would probably sell for fully its worth on account of its location.  (3) I do believe it would be to the advantage of all the parties concerned that the property should be sold and the proceeds thereof invested for their benefit.  My reasons for this opinion are, on account of a dilapidated state of the property, a large portion of the rents for several years to come would necessarily have to be dependant in its repair, and the property would probably sell for a sum that would yield a larger amount in interest than would be gained from the property in rents, after deducting taxes and expenses of repairs.  James D. Twilley.  Witn:  Chas. D. Hooper, Cambridge (seal)

John Kemp
6 January 1849 - To Daniel Robinson 
               - 1 dozen window glass .50, 1 putty .10
                 glazing, .36, 6 nails .03 1/2 (for Fence), 
                 pailings for yard fence 3.28,
               - Amt. paid Jeffrey Stanley for putting up Fence 2.00
12 July 1849   - Amt. paid to Edwin Dixon four bricks & brick work 4.37
               - Amt. paid to Jno D. Stevens for hauling plank .50 
               - 4 latches and screws for doors .92
5 October 1849 - Cash paid Thomas Kemp 1.50
               - Amt. paid Hicks for repairing division fence .85
               - Amt. paid Jno R. Knowles for repairs 13.25
               - Amt. paid James Thompson for Shingles 32.50
               - Amt. paid Capt. Jno H. Stewart for Plank 3.33
               - Amt. paid Ward & Bramble for repairs 14.00
               - Amt. 55 nails @ 5, paid Sherman for hauling Shingles .75
               - Amt. paid Jas. Thompson for Freight & hauling shingles 3.50
               - Amt. 12 nails @5, 1 1/4 sugar for 1.00
               - Amt. 10 coffee 1.50, 2 sheets tin for chimney .25
               - Amt. 2 yds muslin @ 10, 2 tobacco @20
13 May 1850    - Amt. 16 coffee @ 12 1/2, 2 ps Barajo Lawn @ 1.75
21 June 1850   - Amt. 1/2 doz. plated & 1 dish .50, 5 tobacco .20
               - Amt. 6 nails @ 5, Amt paid James Davis for plank 2.85
               - Amt. paid Jere H.C. Rawleigh for 26 feet plank @ 1.25
               - Cash paid Jno Dean Bailiff & Collector for taxes for 1849 .80
               - Cash paid Chas. T. Willis, Bailiff & Collector for 1850  1.00
               - Amount John Dean for board and repairs 6.16 2/3
               - Cash paid to Thos. Kemp 10.00
               - Cash paid to Lewis Ross 40.00
               TOTAL $164.60 3/4
Recd the above of Lewis Ross 13 September 1852 - D. Robinson

Daniel Robinson hasn't received any more for the rent of house & lot in E. New Market to the best of his knowledge & belief.  Charles Corkran.
1851 - Charles T. Willis as bailiff and collector for the town of E. New Market states above account is just and true to the best of his knowledge and belief.  Sworn before O.P. Hooper.
Recd' 27 May 1853 of Capt. Lewis Ross, the amt. of the above account in full.  Jno. L. Willis for C.T. Willis.