East New Market

Commercial Directories

Dorchester County Commercial Directory

1915-1917 East New Market

“700 inhabitants…
located on the Cambridge & Seaford Branch of the Phila, Balto., and Wash RR.”
(note; the post office opened here in 1803 as “New Market”, and changed to 
East New Market in 1827.)

Business Persons:

Baker, J.A., horses              Webster, Charles, canner
Camper, F.H., mason              Webster, Harry B., grocer
Camper, F. Rawlings, insurance   Webster. Samuel L., miller
Collins, Thomas H., butcher      Willey, Mary K., general store
Crowe, W.J., general store       Willis, Charles H., hardware
Dockins, Charles, general store  Willoughby, Howard H., furniture & undertaker
East, H. Parlett, clergyman      Wright, J.B., coal
ENM Packing Co.                  Wright, Isaac, nurseryman
Eastern Shore Trust Co 
Fleming, Elias C., physician 
Gambrill, Thomas, carpenter
Helsby, Mrs. B.F., milliner
Higgins, T.S., livery
Howard, James H., contractor
Holland E. & Co., general store, etc.
Hubbard, O.W., dealer in fertilizers.
Hubbard & Reid, fruit packers
Jefferson, Thomas O., druggist
Jones, Edward L., physician
Jones, Elwood M., clergy
Kinney, J.H., general store
May, S.J. & Son, grist mill
Millenson, J., dry goods, etc.
Nichols, Harry F., physician
Old Dorset Pharmacy, T. O.
Jefferson, proprietor
Pegelow, Frederick, shoemaker
Reed, Georgia, milliner
Saxton, Clarence L., blacksmith, & agrl implements.
Saxton & Parker, general store & repair shop.
Smith, S.J.T., live stock
Stevens, W.C., postmaster
ENM area Farmers, 1915-1917: 
Arnie, Charles                Payne, Wm. J.
Arnie, Frank                  Ross, W.E.
Arnie, John                   Saxton, E.L. 
Baker, J.A.                   Smith, James M.
Beard, Willis                 Stedman, William
Boston, J.E.                  Taylor, T.J.
Camper, F.H.                  Tilghman, W.G.
Clifton, Furman, B.           Townsend, J.F.
Coulbourne, Wm. H.            Webster, L.
Condon, D.F.                  Wanex, Joe
Crane, Levi                   Webster, Joseph H.
DeMott, Clark Warren          Wright, Frederick
Gambrill, J.R.                Wright, I.H.
Hackett, A.J.                 Wright, J.B.
Hackett, R.Alton              Young, Louis
Hicks, George
Jacob, H. T.
Hubbard, O.W.
Hurst, Joseph
Isenberg, George W.
McWilliams, Charles
Merrick, Herman
Nichols, L.W.
Patton, John E.