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1819 Henry Nicols sells negro Sarah & child

Know all men by these presents that I Henry Nicolls of Dorchester County in the State of Maryland for an in consideration of the sum of two hundred and seventy-five dollars current money of the State of Maryland to me in hand paid by John Thompson of Davidson County and State of Tennessee the said whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself there with fully satisfied have bargained unto and delivered unto the said John Thompson his executors, administrators, and assigns, my negroes that is to say one woman by the name of Sarah about twenty-five years of age of dark complexion about five feet high & her child by the name of Abraham about five months old of light complexion, no marks recollected the above named negroes slaves for life do have and to hold the said two negroes unto the said John Thompson his executors, administrators, & assigns to the only proper use & behoof of the said Thompson, his executors, administrators, & assigns forever and the said Henry Nicolls myself, my executors & administrators the said bargained negroes unto the said Jn Thompson, his executors, administrators, and assigns against all persons shall and will warrant & defend by these presents witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal the 17th of November 1819.
Witness                                                            Henry Nicolls (seal)
H.P. Waggaman

On the 17th of November 1819, before me a Justice of the Peace for said County, came Henry Nicolls and acknowledged the above bill of sale to be his act & deed & negroes Sarah and her child Abraham to be the right and estate of John Thompson his heirs & assigns forever according to the purpose & his intent & meaning of the same & the act of a Senetly in such case, name, and provided(?).
H.P. Waggaman

Henry Nicols sale of Sarah Young in 1819