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Agreement for the Hire of a Colored Man

On or before the last day of each month of the year 1855 I promise bind and oblige myself my heirs, executors or administrators to pay or lease to be paid unto Anthony L. Manning his heirs administrators or assigns in equal installments, or monthly payments the sum of $200. Current money of Maryland, and the following clothing in their due season for the hire of Col. man Aaron for the year 1855. Two pair of good substantial summer pants, one good summer hat, two pair of good substantial assaberge (?) shirts, one pair of good summer shoes and when sufficiently worn sole them? two pair of good substantial an warm winter pants, and one winter jacket or coat of stout warm material, two pair of good short yarn stockings of country make, one pair of good substantial long winter boots city made and after being worn sufficiently foot them, one good winter hat or cap, and one good large and heavy winter all wool blanket and I do further promise and oblige myself to have his washing and mending dome free of charge, and to furnish him with an abundance of suitable food, drink, and lodging in sickness and health for the term herein specified so long as said boy Aaron shall remain with me, and to inform his master Anthony L. Manning as soon as said boy, Aaron shall be taken sick or accident happen to him, and to inform him if he should at any time be absent and not to permit said boy to move or visit without the written consent of his master, Anthony L. Manning And I do further bind myself and agree, not to hire the boy's time to himself, or to any other person or persons without written consent of Anthony L. Manning, and not to misuse or in any manner will treat said boy Aaron and no lost time to be dedicated

In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 1st day of January 1855.