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Sarah, negro girl

In a newspaper item from 1828, we learn that a negro girl named Sarah was enslaved by Roger Hooper of East New Market at the time of his death.  Roger Hooper married Susan Marshall on 17 June 1814.  When Roger Hooper's estate was settled, as was customary at the time his wife Susan was devised a widow's third of the estate.  After Roger's death, Susan married St. George E. Roberts, who ran the New Market Academy and lived in a house that formerly stood between the New Market House and the Old Brick Hotel.  This marriage took place on 31 January 1825.  In 1828, St. George E. Roberts and his wife Susan, owed money to Thomas R. Brooks and John Randell.  Brooks and Randell filed suit against Mr. Roberts.  The court ordered that Robert's 1/3 right to negro girl Sarah was to be sold to pay the judgment.  Brooks and Randell assigned their right to the judgment to Henry Nicols.

Cambridge Chronicle – 21 June 1828 – Sheriff's Sale –
Sheriff's sale at suit of Thomas R. Brooks and John Randell, use of Henry Nicols, against St. George E. Roberts at the house of said Roberts in New Market, his right to 1/3 of real estate of Roger Hooper, deceased, negro girl Sarah.

Since this Sarah is referred to as a girl and Sarah Young was 35 years old at the time, this Sarah may not be Sarah Young.  When an enslaved person is described as a girl (or boy) instead of a woman (or man), this usually means the person is under 16 years of age and almost always under 21.  It is not clear if Henry Nicols ever owned the other 2/3 rights to negro girl, Sarah.  It has not been determined what happened to her.  Negro girl, Sarah did not appear in the 1832 Will of Henry Nicols.

Henry Nicols likely sold this 1/3 share of negro girl Sarah.  A further search of existing records is needed. 

A mention of the Sarah owned by Roger Hooper is found in an 1825 newspaper item.

Republican Star - 18 October 1825 - Public Sale -
By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court for Dorchester county, will be offered at public sale, on Tuesday, the 25th day of October at the tavern of Mr. Charles LeCompte, a part of the Negroes of Roger Hooper, deceased, as follows:  Negroes Rachel, Joseph, Will, John, Sarah, Jane, Polly, & Ned.  The terms of sale cash.  John Newton, Administrator of Roger Hooper, deceased.

Roger Hooper was a Justice of the Peace and a member of the House of Delegates.  Susan Marshall was likely his second wife, as a marriage to Polly Newton on 9 June 1800 is also recorded in Dorchester County.  Hooper died on 28 June 1824 at age 49 in Dorchester County.

The negro girl, Sarah is possibly one of the slaves listed in the 1820 Census record for Roger Hooper and would have been under 14 years of age. 

1820 Census - Roger Hooper - 2 males under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45,
   1 female 16-26, 4 male slaves under 14, 3 male slaves 14-26, 3 male slaves 26-45,
   1 male slave 45 & up, 1 female slave under 14, 2 female slaves 14-26