East New Market


19 July 1830

Sam Coombe to Garrett McBride

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

[not East New Market - included for now due to early date.]

Mr Garrett McBride
Dorchester County State of Maryland Near Vienna
Post Master at Vienna will please send this Letter on as quick as possible.

Respected friend July 19th 1830

G. McBride

in answer to your letter of the 3rd July 1830 I have through the mercy and goodness of god, to inform you that we are at present in Midling health and hope these fine lines will find you and your family in the Same, I have often thought of writing you, But must acknowledge my Neglect, hope you will not think hard as I am persuaded you are acquainted with the mutipicity of Business I have to attend to, and No one to assist me, John P. Coombe is Keeping School in a new School House which we have had Built By an act of Assembly Relative to free Schools, there has Been Considerable opposition But hope it will meet with more Success; our Camp Meeting near Camden in Nathaniel Coombe woods Begins on Friday the 23 of July instant and breaks up on wensday morning; John and my Siss have been talking of coming to your Camp meeting on Saturday or Sunday if it is possible for us to get off I assure you it would be give me much Satisfaction to See you and your wife and Children, if we dont get to Come you May be Sure that it is out of our power we think of starting about day Break so that we may have the Cool of the morning; Brother Bishop was at my house on Friday Night Last and preached for us at our Meeting House on Satuerday the 17th which was his day in Course J. Hopkins and family are Midling well John Cardeen (?) and family and Joseph Simpson and family are both in Midling health, the Neighbours are generally in Midling good health. Brother Bishop I thought look as well as Common But Complains of the weather Beeing So Very warm; there has been Some talk of a Camp Meeting at Spring Branch in august But is Not determined. it is expected that Milford and Caroline Surcuits will Join Dover Surcuit if it does take place and None of us gets to See you; will write you and hope you will come if in your power and Bring your wife as we wish Verry Much to See her and Children; our Crops of wheat has Been Rather Better than usual Corn looks as well as Common. Your friend and well wishes untill we are parted by death

Sam Coombe