East New Market


25 February 1834

Thomas Holliday Hicks to Garrett McBride

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Vienna the 25th Feb 1834

To Garrett McBride Esqr

Dear sir I send my cart and beg that you will do me the favour to send me some of your scion, such as it may suit your convenience to send, Say 2 or 3 Mulberry one of which if you can do without yourself I should like to have pretty large to make as early a shade over the counting room window as possible --- 3 or 4 spice poplars & without disfurnishing yourself you can spare me a catawba or two I should be pleased to have them from what I recollect you are I care of them if so do not send -- you mentioned that you would be willing to spare a couple of cherry trees that stood in your nursery I shall be glad to have them -- and if you will send a good peas tree or 2 and two or 3 of your superior apple scion, say verry forward verry latter assorted I will pay you for them as I know they will bring you the money whenever you may offer them. Please make the boy dig them with as much root as he can --- I have sent a strong hand so that you need only attend to him and let him do the work --- my wife asks of you the favour to send her a mass of Turnip greens, as I was telling her of your wonderful prospect. I am asking a great many favours, grant what is convenient & no more for I mean no more.

Yours verry truly Tho H. Hicks

P.S. Ann sends to Mrs. McBride & begs that she will send her if she had them to send some cale seed & some cabbage seed says she will greatly oblige if she has them. THH