East New Market


3 May 1839

Thomas Holliday Hicks to Garrett McBride

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Garrett McBride Esqr
Fruit Grove
Near Vienna, Md

Cambridge 3rd May 1839

My Dear Sir

I have made diligent search for the Land papers as desired by yours received some days since, I have examined the wills of the old Hodsons for a grant while back in this office then searched the Commissionery books and then the record of the Clerks and in all have failed to discover and obtain the requisite knowledge or information to answer your purposes, I discover that on May the 8th 1806 Wm. Keys obtained a deed from Margaret Hill for 15 ½ acres of Maiden’s Forrest, for this beginning & course & distance appears, then I have traced back as far as 1793 Forty five acres of Maidens forrest Taxed to William Keys but the books do not shew from whom nor can I find a deed or Will or anything showing how became by it or anything to show the beginning courses which is to you important this is the part of you Land. I take it for granted that adjoins our partickular friend, you had better enquire of (Wm or Mr (?)) Merrick or old Mrs Langfitt who lives near you and know how Wm Keys got this forty five acres, my impression is that he married an heir, say a daughter of Mr (?) Hodson who appeared at one time to have held a large parcel of Maidens Forrest, was not Wm Keys first wife a sister to Margaret Hill, and did he not get by that union thy land, makes such enquiry touching these matters as you may think proper and then write or come down and I will try again.

My own impression now is that you can only arrive at this thing by getting the courses of the Land which belongs originally to Thomas Hodson Senr the grandfather of Tho. I the great man of the Forrest and Mo (?) Hodson the Father of Henry Hodson (small matter) and of Peggy or Margaret Hill originally Hodson, and billy Keys, & Bradleys wife etc, these courses will shew the line between you and the man of Washington pollish (?) --- Come down or write me when you shall have proceeded sufficiently with your investigation. In the mean time contend for the line as told you or shewed by Mr. Merrick for I have no doubt that is correct. In great haste

Your obt Servt

Tho H. Hicks