East New Market


13 August 1843

Emily Woolford to Anthony Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Major Anthony Manning
East New Market, Dorchester County, Md

Aunt Emily Woolford’s Letter to father August 19th

Baltimore August the 13. 1843

My Dear Brother

It has been sometime since I have had the pleasure of hearing from you. I have taken the liberty of writing to you to say that I intended paying you a visit in the course of two weeks provided you have no objections Benjamin is going to Neworleans to seek employment and I don’t want to stay here during his absence. I am very weak and thin and I think a jaunt in the country will be of benefit to me and my little ones you must write to me immediately and direct your letter to the care of Walter C Harding in Calvert street near Pratt street. Benjamin sends his best respects to you, also Mr and Mrs Harding. I think I will come down with John Stewart suppose you write by him and then I should know when he is up and I sha?? Beg the favor of you to be on the look out for me to meet me at the bact? give my love to my Dear little Nefew and niece and tell them I am going to bring ? kate to see them for a little while and if she don’t behave her self I shall send her back to her aunt Mary? Before I come good by Dear Brother and believe me Your true hearted? Sister? Emily

I wish to say a few lines to my new sister on the other side write to me immediately

Dear Sister If you will allow me the liberty for I shall look on you as such as you have taken to yourself a husband that I think as much of as I do ? own? Brother as he has always been ? to me. I have written to him on the other side and said that I expected to make a visit to you in the course of two weeks I would have you down with your mother if I had of known that she had of been in this city sooner she honored me with her presence ?f?? and my old friend George was quite familure ? it reminds me of the last time I was at your house and she informed me that you was to have a tea part next month I thought I wanted be in reading to help ou out by the way of a short if you have no objections. I am first rate at such parties. I was called out to ? of my neighbors the other night and had a fine time you must not be offended at my nonsense you must keep up a good heart and not ? it as we all do write to immediately if you please keep the children for me Yours Truly Emily

August the 13. 1843

Mrs. Anna Manning
East New Market, Dorchester County, Md

Give my love to your Mother.