East New Market


15 August 1844

Rebeccah Barnett to Anthony Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Addressed on back of letter to  

Anthony Manning
Dorchester County
State of Maryland
East new Market 

State of Indiana Vanderburg county

August 15th 1844 

Dr brother I recved your kind letter and was truly sorry to here that my poor dear Louisa and Roland Pitt is no more & her poor dear little children feels near to my heart I hope that they have it kind father to take care of them   thank god I have seen better but I am very unable to do much at this time I live with James at this time but I know not how long he talks of going on the river and if he  I cant stay by my self  I have no one but James and a little bound boy About ten years old James is very weakly at this time he reminds me very much of my dear manning one of the best children you wrote to me my dear brother to let you know my situation   it is bad my poor dear husband and my manning is gone never to return to me   I gave o my brother this is the worst of all James has been very good in getting any thing for me but he was able to git also he provided a doctor when I was in sensible of any thing o my dear and only brother I have not yet suffered for something to eat.   my neighbors was very kind to me in my sickness  my poor dear husband left five dollars in money in the house, one cow, and calf and one heffer  two sows and pigs  ten or twelve fattening hogs, one steer, his tules household and kitchin furniture which is very little by improved land he give to his boys when he was in that lawscrape which he had it cost him about one thousand dollars which has made us poorer ever since his unimproved land he did not give away but intended to make the timber clear and improve it but o my dear brother the love thought it best to take him from me before he could build which have left me without a house or home only as I am depending on James, he is cross to me at times; at other times he is as kind as he is able; as respect his buying I know nothing about it he never tells me what he intends to do  he has two or three wood boats at this time and is about settling my from deer manning estate which was in debt by bad luck but I think his property will over pay his debts  I cannot say in this what I shall do about coming home   the land he left to me is only as long as I live and then to his children so that and I cant sell it but I think I can sell the timber to help to support me as long as I live which I am in hopes it wont bee long  if it is the will of kind heavens to take me if not I feel willing to suffer all my three score years till my deliver comes and wipes away his servant's tears and takes his excite home  o brother your kind favor came safe to my hand on saturday last, which I am under ten thousand obligation to you for a frend in need is a frend in deed   the money that you sent me is as good as the gold and the silver here  I expect if I live till next spring and have my health I shall try to come in to see you  it seems to me that you of all full (?) never to me then you ever did sense I have lost my deer husband and my very best child I feel lost lost and know not what to do or where to go  the more I think a bout them the more anscious I am to be with them I scirisly know what I am of koing  I must stop here untell I have my recolection afain   now I begin Again to finish my letter to you  James wishes to be remembered to you all as he was so small when he left there he thinks you have forgoating him  he is all the dependanc I have in this place  he says he will take cear of me as long as he is able  crops of corn is very good in this part of the world  wheat is bad  we have made no crop this seson  James has not been able to tend the ground and to end to his wood boats he thinks th wood buisniss is more proffittlebel then making a crop  Thomas Anna and Eliza famaleys is all well as gar as I know at this time  Thomas has six children five boys and one girl Anna three boy boys and two girls  Eliza has three boys and two  James is yet single  there wish to (ripped) ---mbend to you all brother give my love to all of  (ripped) ---dren situation in that part of the world and tell  (scratched through) William and col vincinte tha must wright to me  I hope they have not forgot me I shall never forgit them give my love to the two little deer children Anthony and Sophia I wold bee very glad to see them tell them brother I wont you to let me know in your next letter what has become of my poor deer sister  Rosas, Elisa and if she is A live remember me to her also to Elizabeth and lavina I have jest receved A message stating Eliza is very bad  James has gon for the doctor answers turn -over uncle- Anthony for her and now I must conclude ever hoping for your letter and happenys in this world and in the world to come far you well brother Anthony for this present time I am in hopes I shall here from you all Again I remain your sincere sister untell deth.  R

Rebeccah Barnett