East New Market


26 November 1847

Anthony L. Manning to his father, Anthony Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Mr. Anthony Manning
East New Market, Dorchester Co, Maryland

Dickinson College Nov 26th

Dear Father: -

As I could not write to you while in Baltimore for want of time, I now (scratched) with the greatest of pleasure seat myself to write to the only friend I hold dear upon earth. I now tell you that Robert and myself have arrived safe in Carlisle, and I feel as though I had not one friend upon earth; cast as it were upon the mercy of (scratched through) an unmerciful faculty who could beat me as they pleased if it were as a negro, and I also feel as though I was cast upon the face of an unknown country destitute of the friendship of a kind father whose hand was always extended towards me to relieve me of my sufferings, and "oh" what a pain it causes to shoot through the breast of a son who has never before been so far from the embrace of his father; as for my poor mother, I know not the friendship of her sweet embrace, as she now lies moldered in the cold chilly bosom of the grave, but I hope her poor innocent spirit is now an angel of heaven.

Although I see the greatest trouble of leaving a friendly home, and am very much displeased with my home, yet I hope the brightest sun of happiness will prevail within your walls as I am now far away from you I love as myself, and those I so much troubled when I was with you.

If I continue to lament over my change of homes as I now do I must certainly perish away if not called home and as for learning I never can if there is not a change of feelings. so if it is necessary for you to call me home I will let you know. But believe me I will not tell you so unless it is necessary in the extreme.

I felt bad enough in my feelings ever since I left home, but I never experienced such shocking feelings as I did today after landing at this miserable place.

When I began to think how I had left a kind father to come to this place, and that you would now have to go to the corn house and give or rather see the corn given out every morning and evening, and when I took my seat with Robert in my room and came to look around the room and behold you was not to be seen, you nor can I myself describe my feelings. But one my heart almost ceased to beat and indeed I could scarcely breath for not only moments, but hours. Give my love to all the family and all of my friends. Oh dear father I hate to bid you good by but I have a bad pen and it is getting late. Professor Allen will send on a report to you in a month which will tell you the expenses of furnishing our room as he goes out and buys all the necessaries at the present and future if more is required. I will now give you a list of my expenditures.

Bill of expenses to Baltimore

For Passage from Cambridge to Baltimore 2.00
For cariage of my trunks on bourd of the Maryland .25
For conveyance of myself ? trunks to cousin J. J. (?) Pitts .50

It was raining very hard when I landed in Baltimore or I would not of went up in a stage.

Bill of articles while at Baltimore
2 quires of wrighting paper at three ? a quire -------------------.37 1/2
1 Pair of Hacking brushes at 12 1/2 and 3 cnts .------------------.15 1/2
                     which makes 15 1/2
9 Boxes of blacking, one at 10 cts and 5 -------------------------.15
1 Over coat ----------------------------------------------------12.00
1 Cambrie (?) umbrella, It was so much cheaper that a silk one --1.50
1 Set of bosom studs --------------------------------------------2.25
1 Clothes brush .50 2 Silk pocket handkerchiefs
                               one at 75 cts and 50 cts ---------1.25
1 Silk cravat ---------------------------------------------------1.00
1 Low priced trunk ----------------------------------------------2.75
I went to the circus show ----------------------------------------.25
                  I have not bought my boots yet nor cap as I had not time.
                  I staid 1 day in Baltimore and that was rainy
I had to go 3 miles to get in the cars (?) which cost me ---------.50
And from there to Harrisburg-------------------------------------3.00
For supper, lodging, and breakfast ------------------------------1.00
And from Harrisburg to Carlisle. --------------------------------1.00

Your son who mourns his separation from you A. L. Manning,

You may indorse your letters in this way

Anthony L. Manning
Cumberland Co