East New Market


17 April 1848

Robert F. Thompson to Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Dickinson College
April 17th 1848 

Dear Anthony. 

      I received your letter some time ago and put it in my trunk in some place where I could not find it until the present day which happens to find while looking over a list of my letters I found it and now seat my self to answer it. 

      You state in your letter that I forsook you when Ingram came to room with us.  I must confess that I did in a too great a measure accompany him, but at the same time I tried to console you; and as respects our studies, you know we always got them out together, and whenever you could not recollect a sentence I would tell you. 

      I know that I went out with Ingram a god deal but we never talked about you, except occasionally we used your name, but indeed sir, I had no thought of making myself an enemy to you.  But now let it pass over, let us be friends once more.  I regret to the bottom of my heart, what I have done, that should cause so much disturbance of mind.  I have left Ingram now.  I room down town with Mr. Norris.  I suppose you had rather hear how I am progressing in my studies, I am sorry that you did not stay as it has turned out Giffary (?) has put those, Audeured (?) in the first class which I know if you had staid here that you would have got in it before there (?) and in greek he has put some fellow in the first class that only commenced Greek since Christmas. 

      No person has squibbed me since you left   I believe squibbing has nearly died away, and they have taken facultizing up.  there was a fella here that had been here only two or three days facultised last.  Forue (?) of the fellows made out the were professors, and examined him  they made him sing, pray, speak and talk Dutch and every such thing   I really tell you it was rich. 

      I seldom get any letters from home, now, dear Anthony, you know how highly you esteemed a letter from home, so write to me, the preparatory department will be broken up here at Dickinson College after July so there will be no more preps. 

      dear, Anthony,  There is a student here came this month, and I think he must be of some relation to you   his name is Mr. Mark J. Parrott.  he is from Dayton, Ohio.   I have heard you talking about some Parrots that were relatives of yours talking about some Parrots that were relations of yours in Dayton if he is any relative, please write to me respecting it and I will get him to write to you, he is a very fine fellow.  He rooms in No 4 East College opposite our room with Mr. McGilvog (?), Old Crookshank has gone home  he told me to send his best respects to you whenever I should write, Audenreids, Lynch, and Mr. Ing send their very best respects to you and desire that you should write to them   I now close give my love to all the friends especially Mr. A. Stewart and retain a portion yourself ?  

P.S.  Let us leave off all evil design towards each other, and write soon 

Truly Yours,  Robt F. Thompson