East New Market


10 June 1848

Robert F. Thompson to Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Dickinson College
June 10th 1848

Dear Anthony

I now with the greatest esteem answer your sweet letter on consolation, though the time has been when it grieved my heart to read your letters but now they are an object of consolation, something as great a stimulus as ever I received in this college --- the time will soon come when I shall see you again only a period of about thirty days and I trust the time will speedily roll round when we once more leave this college to repair to our respective homes.

President Emory and Prof Calawell, that man who attended to the speakers, the one who so despised the preparatory department when you were here, are both now slumbering in their graves beneath the sod two of the professors the

President and Eldest professor have died since you left. Prof Mac Clintock and Crooks leaving the vacation which will leave the college nearly destitute of a faculty.

I suppose L T W will be back next July will she not? If she does it will be the same. but why do you call her the affection of my heart you know ever since that recurrence last summer I never could esteem her as I had done here before. I do not in the least have any spark of love for any girl under this broad canopy of Heaven. No we rests on my mind that I am in the least partial towards, though their are some beautiful ladies home yet I fancy none enough to be partial toward them

I suppose your vacation commences before the ? of July but if it does not, please write to me at whose house you board and when you expect to commence your vacation also write me if you have any hope or thought of coming back here as I am (though I am afraid you will not come) and if you wish me as a chum or wish me to pick out a chum for you, for if you do not until you come on in September. Prof Allen will put any at all in with you therefore is inadvisable to get one before coming on. I have not as yet obtained a chum for next year for several reasons one is that I did not now whether you would expect me to room with you, and another reason is that I could not get anyone that I like well enough to be a chum I shall reach Cambridge about the seventeenth of July, provided I do not go home in father's boat. If I go home in the steamboat you will know when to expect me. I should like for you to meet me there. if you please.

I must close don't forget to write immediately and write whether you intend coming on next September or not, I am acquainted with every student in the college it is much delightful here in the spring than winter all the students are out in the campus and all appear as likely as many birds. while you were here they were stowed away in their rooms

Give my love to parents and friends, tender my best respects to your ? and respected father and may you all have a prosperous life so long as there remains a sky above you and may you go down to the grave rejoicing in the Lord, and with a hope of everlasting rest.

I remain in the same to friend

R. F. Thompson

P.S. Write immediately and tell me something more about WKB and the E N M ladies. R.F.T.