East New Market


November 1848

Anthony L. Manning to his father, Anthony Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Maj Anthony Manning
East Newmarket

-My letter to father while a student at Cambridge.

Cambridge Nov 1848

Dear Father,

            I delivered your one page to Mr. Mills respecting your clothes to but he saw as it was a frock coat, he could not put the pocket, in which you desired to carry your pocket book; but I hope he has pleased you in every other respect. I now wish to know of you dear father, wheather or no, I can engage board of Mrs. Guest, when she comes over; for she intends remaining only a day or two; therefore it will be out of your power to see her, as we know not the exact period of her intended visit. She is now renting the room out to other boarders without ever once consulting the present, and if it is not speedily attended to, I may loose board for the next year. Mr Campbell intends remaining, and I suppose that you intend that I shall remain under his instructions. I have one question to ask you respecting my boots: it is if I may have them footed, for the winter is fast approaching and I think it would be best to have it done before there could a snow. Give my respects to all the family. I would have been up before this, but I have been busily engaged preparing for the examination, and shall be until it is over. I suppose you, and Doct. Edmondson are as much pleased to hear of old Zach’s glorious success over Gen Louis Casse’s broken sword, as you were to hear of his brilliant victories in the plains of Mexico, or, his noble victory before the heights of Monterey. The Whigs have crushed the Democrats beneath their perishing creens. Polk storms, by gazing upon them, and their monstrous defeat in silence. They look upon their fallen glory with almost perishing countenanced, and dread the ides of March for the 4th ? has not yet come.

Your son A. L. Manning