East New Market


8 November 1850

William V.M. Edmondson to Anthony L. Manning

(Papers of the Edmondson/Jacobs Family, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries)

8 November 1850 - East New Market

Mr. A.L. Manning,

My dearest,

Your favor of the statistics at hand. I presume you had not when you hath received my reply to your former communication.

I very regret the difficultly between you and Dr. W.R. Handy. More especially as my name produced it.  I take my respects to Prof. W.R. Handy and for his information please give him the following short "Biography" of my judicial course.  The most important portion of which he could have been easily learned by calling at the proper place viz. Prof. Dunbar and the Washington University of Baltimore.  I commenced to read Medicine - Casualty - in the year 1838.  Consecutive in 1845.  The May 1845 I extend Dr. Dunbar's office as a regular student paid in advance $100 remained in the City during the Summer and Autumn.  At the Session 45/46 I attended Lectures at the Washington University then under the charge of Professor's Monker, Gibson, Aunan, Founsidon, Forsmoder Baxly and Wilson.  Demonstrator Dr. Howard.  All of those tickets in I took paid for and now have.  In the Spring of 1846 I returned home, engaged in the practice of Medicine - without a diploma - tis equally two without remuneration.  I never charged the cost for visits, advice on Medicine, till after I received my diploma.  At the session 46/47 I again attended Lectures at the Washington University at that period under the Professorship of Iris Wilson, Leonard, Stokes, Foreman, Monker, and Gibson.  All of whose tickets, I took, paid for, and now have on hand.  In December 1846 I handed in my Thesis accompanied with the graduation fee of $20.  By special permission they gave me that which no school has ever refused & under proper circumstances or I may indeed say like circumstances of an anticipated of annixation at this inspection offices and I was fortunate in being able to give a satisfactory answer to each and every question and equally fortunate in receiving the promise of and obtaining this unanimous note.  At the commencement in March 1847 I had the honor of receiving a diploma bearing the following named Profs John CS Monkur, E. Foreman, Gibson, William Thomas Wilson, Leonard, and Wm H. Stokes.  Listing I was absent at the Commencement, but tis equally true of special permission of the Professor's as references to the proceedings will freshwe.  I even left my quota of funds, to pay for the suppoquisa.  So far as relates to me....(another paragraph of similar qualifications cited)...

I have much hliason in being able to convey an intelligence of the continued good health of your Sister Eugenia, all of our family, your relatives and friends in and near town. Also the remarkable healthful map of all our vicinity.  Mrs. Edmondson and girls desire to remember.  Your message for Mr. T.K. Smith shall be attended too Smith expects to be in the City during next week. This Colonel John Hodson is now in the City . Mrs. Manning contemplates ...ing in this morning therefore by him if she goes. I shall send this letter if she does by tomorrow entail.  Permit me to recommend to you, devotion to study, attention to the various lectures, and course in dissecting.

I hope to have the pleasure of visiting the City about the first of December.  I shall by happy to hear from you.  Accepting my best of your health, happiness, and prosperity.

Respectfully, W.V.M. Edmondson

P.S. Miss Betsy Ann Stevens and the Mr. Meredith was married on Tuesday last.  WW Davis and her brother John are going to Worcester County = to Merchandising.  I have month Thompson, since your first note.