East New Market


6 December 1853

Eugenia S. Manning to her brother, Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)


Dec. 6th 1853

My Dearest Brother, Your precious letter came yesterday and I would have answered it immediately if Sister Lizzie had not have asked me not, for she wanted to get you to purchase her a few articles, but Mr. Vincent came after her today to go and see the house on Robert's place moved---she started in so great a hurry that she forgot to tell me what it was. So I thought I would wait no longer. I am sorry to hear you have not yet a situation, but never give up-there is a place for you-you may not find it for months-but is will come by and by---may be better by its taking you sometime to find it. My Brother I would be so glad if you had a situation, one where there was plenty of practice, could I only know you were well and doing good business. I would care for nothing else. But if you cannot obtain practice in the part of the city where you now are, perhaps you may in some other part and if not Baltimore, there are a number of other places where you can. So don't get downhearted, the "Lord will provide." Mr. Smith has been quite sick since I wrote to you, but is much better. Mrs. Manning was very ill the last time I heard from her. It is a little sickly in Cambridge---have had several deaths within the last few weeks. There was an old man by the name of Clemincy died a day or two ago supposed to have been poisoned by the man he was living with. Mrs. Schleigh died this morning with Bilious Pleurisy. She is an Aunt of Mary M. Hooper's. The Odd Fellows held a procession over Jim Collings last Sunday the odd Fellows marched through New Market Town to Mr. Stevens and back---Seven horses ran away as they were coming from the grave, Col. Hodson's horse tore his carriage all to pieces, and one or two others. Dr. Handy's horse ran away this morning in Cambridge and ruined his carriage---There is a corpse just passing---it is a gentleman by the name of Dyer. Brother you are selling your stores to low--- at the Drawbridge, (delivered there) they get 40$ a thousand for white oak and 55 for red oak- Mr. Robert Rawleigh says you are selling your (hearts) to low-Thomas Helsby in New Market gives him 14$ for white oak, 11$ for red oak---As timber is high---I shall not have any more cut- off of my land---here is what the land down below our's have sold for---every one down there has sold except ours. (those that have it) Dr. Bayley sold his farm containing 850 acres for Capt. Grey of Baltimore for 10,000$. A tract belonging H C Hicks and W. Huffington 2200 acres, to Mr. Barber of Smyrna Del., for 32,$000, he is going to put up a Steam mill of 30 horse power---John C. Henry sold a farm of 1000 acres below Vienna, to the Messr. Serrabee of Bath Maine, for 18,500 and several others. Mr. Vincent has not rented either your's or my houses in New Market. Dr. Hooper would have taken mine it the mannre (?) had not have been put in---he has rented another house---Edwin Medford died last Thursday. Mr. Enoch Bayley & family has gone to Baltimore to live. Dr. Boon has sent on Mary's legacy---came yesterday. I have just received a letter from cousin George---he sends his respects to you & Sallie and wishes you a long life of happiness and success. Aunt Betsy Rawlings has gone to cousin Henry's to live. Lizzie Wall is to be married tomorrow evening---Murry Robinson has come back & John Jackson (?) from California. When do you intend to come over my Brother? Cousin Carrie and the children send their love to you and Sallie. I feel some better than when I last wrote to you. Give my love to Sallie. I must now say Adieu- Write soon, "May God bless you."

Ever your devoted Sister



P.S. My Brother, Sister expects to move very soon; but don't know exactly when. Good-bye