East New Market


12 July 1854

Eugenia S. Manning, to her brother, Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)


July 12th 1854

My Dearest Brother-

I received your long looked for letter, and was so glad to hear from you; but not to hear you had been so sick --- but my Brother that is something we all have, yet you have a large share--- which I hope and pray you will get clear off very soon, O, could you only have your health it would be so much better for you, and a pleasure to me, although separated, to know that you are enjoying good health but it is all for the better. I don't doubt or kind Providence would not-let-it -be, so you must bear with it-patiently: and trust to Him for all things - My Brother, I was so sorry to hear of poor Mis (?) Kane's deep affliction although a stranger, I could not help crying she appears to be a friend to me, for she is kind to my only, own, & dear Brother, and any one that is kind to him I love - how I wish it was not true that her son is dead---for how deep must be her grief, no one but a kind parent can tell. I hope God will bless her & make her comfortable as long as she lives, as for happiness I fear she can never be that---yet I wish she may & all her family--The fourth of July passed off without any celebration, however, the town was full of life --- principally from the excursions from Baltimore & Easton ---The excursionists, although the weather was excessively warm seemed to enjoy themselves. Mr. Fiddle sent up several balloons in the evening; and at night a great many firecrackers & sky-rockets were (?), which was very pretty; besides we had three fishing clubs that staid a week, "Fountain Wricker'" "Heroes'" "Five Points”. They gave us a plenty of nice music, as they had a band with them---It is extremely hot --- the oldest inhabitants say they never knew it so warm in all their lives. We can hardly live --- have not had any rain for five weeks, the grass & growing corn is parched dreadfully in fact --- almost every thing is dying for want of rain --- Brother I am very much oblige to you for your presents, but sis Lizzie is so afraid that it will cut our love, that she wants me to send you three cents for them --- four (?) love (?), that scissors & knife can cut --- tell Sallie I am greatly oblige to her for her kindness & hope I shall some day be able to return it. Sister reached home safe and her goods: but her curtains are too small (narrow) & short --- she talks of coming up again before a great while Mr. G. (?) visits here as often as ever --- she is now at his brother Blatter's (?)--Uncle John sends his love to you both, he asked about the horse, Mr. V. said he would give $100 before he would lose him & that was what you said you would give so Uncle John said no more ---- Mr. Vmas (?) down Monday ---- his family are all well except the baby, she has dysentery --- it is very unhealthy on E. Shore now --- Major John Austin died Saturday night---William G Evitte (?) lease is $65200 --- there was a man to see Mr. Vincent last week to rent the Farm near A town but he did not rent it to him & told him to write to you which he said he would do --- he also said the man that lives there is ruining the wood. No one has applied for my farm yet nor house in New Market --- I let Mr. Frazier have Amy for winter clothes --- without any blanket --- I could do no better. This is ----(?) homes she has had since you were over, I don't expect she will stay at this (?)-- Big Aaron has been sick but is well again. Aunt Emily & children have been over two week, but did not come to see me (?) John H. Hooper has been home, he inquired for you & said he would go to see you if he had time as he returned---told me to send his best respects to you and Sallie --- he has grown a great deal, and is quite a man. Bob Thompson is to be married some time the last of the month. Charles Martins is or was to have been married today to a rich Miss Sonley (?) of Talbot --- Bishop Whittingham was over on Wednesday and confirmed 25 --- WM (?) Thomas was to see me yesterday & spent the day --- she says you were not home when she was in Baltimore .. she had four tutts (??) grut (????) in & paid $108.00 --- Miss Mary E. Fernall has been over for a week how long she intends staying --- I don't know --- Boby say Thank you for his knife, he goes out two or three times and hollors "Uncle Anthony." as loud as can ? then say do you hear me. Yes (?) he hears me I knew cause the market house says so. Sister, children, aunt Eliza & myself send our love to you & Sallie. I forgot to tell you Sarah L Smith, Grisan Thompson & Cate Moore were home --- Jimmy (?) Smith has gone to work hauling wood for Mr. Christopher (??). --- I feel much worse than when you were over but it is the warm weather that is the cause. Good by my Brother. Try and take good care of yourself and be, or try to be better than you are. "May God bless you & yours." One who loves you devotedly,

Your Sister

Eugenia S. Manning