East New Market


11 October 1854

Eugenia S. Manning to her brother, Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)


Oct 11th/54

My Dear Brother,

I thought I would write you a little note; telling you that I received a letter from Mrs. Manning yesterday, saying that she had not sued either you or me or ordered it to be done. and if it was done, she would have it corrected, said that we had never given her any cause to do it: for we had always paid her and if it had not have been for us she must have starved, says she would not have sued Bro. William only she could not live without it, and he had never paid her a cent.

Bro William closed Pa's estate yesterday. He was here and told me so: but said no more about it; (that is, did not say whether we would get anything or not---he is going to Talbot, at Dr. Clough's farm to live.. he says at Christmas. I gave him the lease of my farm for Bob Stanley (?) to sign, as no one applied Correct (?) commences next Tuesday, but Mr. Vincent says the Ocean land cannot be sold until it is advertised, which has not been done, Judge Goldsborough says he will write when it is to be sold. Bro if you have not sent my trunk you can send it by the Cecil, to the care of Capt. Ross and he will send it to me, Uncle John talks of coming on Monday night next; but I shall not be ready by that time, he may put it off a week as Mr. Vincent is coming as soon as he is done seeding wheat; he is very busy now. Dr. Williams and his bride left with a number of Jurson's (?) from Cam this morning for Baltimore, Dr. Williams is going to his station in Indian Territory for four years. Little Jimmie Hooper was to go with him but I don't know whether he did or no--

Mr. Sylvester Smith has not answered my letter yet; but I heard he was very sick, perhaps that is the cause. Sister & children send their best love to you both. I feel very unwell; but better. Cousin Henry Rawlings & Old Mrs. Seokie are both dead. Good-bye

Ever your Sister until death----Eugenia