East New Market


11 April 1856 

Eugenia S. Manning to her brother, Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

East New Market April 11th 1856

My own Dearest Brother,

At last your long awaited for letter has come--it seems to be a year since I heard from you--I was so glad to get it, and to hear you and Sallie reached home safely--also that you were both well---O, my dearest Brother it is the sincere prayer of your Sister, that you may be restored to health & succeed in getting a good practice --- but --- you will have to wait --- patiently and it will come by & by I hope------------ I am glad to hear you enjoyed yourself while on E. Shore --- I see Miss Green & Mary Lizzie Barrow last night ---They send their love to you and say they shall never forget the nice time they spent with you --- M, Lizzie says have you forgotten what a romp you & she had when you (that is both of you) broke her ring and Mrs. Green rocking chair --- My dear Brother, you say the pleasure of being with me, was marred for safety and happiness ---why should it? I have nothing to fear --- believe me my only Brother if there was you should know it ---- quite to the contrary, I do just as I please --- go and stay as long as I please, and there is never a word said ---- I am happy, and there is but one thing on earth that could make me more so, and, that is, that you and the Dr. were not at outs, if that was (you were friendly --- I should be perfectly happy --- but my Brother if there is anything said or done that would make me more happy I should let you know it---it is to you I look---I feel so much oblige to you for your kindness and your well wishes---you are the same dear Brother you need to be---

Brother William has rented out his farm to Mr. Jones & Frazier---had a sale on Thursday and sold all of his stock, household and kitchen furniture except some of his beds & steads --- and has come to board us ---he has gone round tonight to see Miss (?) Green and Barrow --- he told me to give his love to you both & says he and Mr. Vincent is coming up the 29th of this month, or from there to the 12th of next--------- Mrs. Manning has moved back to the Brick House again---moved last week--

Mrs. John T. Houston died about three weeks ago, and the day week she was buried, their eldest son Joseph (the mute) was buried --- Mr. Slatter L. Twilley was taken sick last friday week in Cambridge and started home but could only get as far as John Robinson's and that day week he died --- Mr. John Mills at Bucktown died last week----I have been to Salisbury since I see you --- I like it very much --- it is quite a pretty place --- but the streets are very narrow and sandy --- it is a real business place ---- there is some fine mills there and quite a number of sores --- but I will say no more about it for I remember you have been there----

We have quite a pretty girl, and a very nice one, spending some time in New Market --- she is the daughter of Dr. Kemp of Talbot --- she is indeed a nice girl, I think a great deal of her----

The Methodist in Cambridge have been holding a long protracted meeting --- Sister Lizzie, Mary, and Harriet have all been down to be prayed for --- a great many converts; but whether they are of the number I can't say ---- Write to me often for I am anxious to hear from you all the time; but don't forget next time how to direct my letter as my name is not Manning now ---- My Brother I love you more now than I ever did --- O, if we could only be together more I should be so glad -- but let me come when I nile (?) I shall be sense (?) to come to see you --- I must-- now say Good-bye as it is nearly bed time-- don't be so long writing to your sister that does & will ? death love you sincerely and devotedly--- Eugenia
God bless you !