East New Market


11 July 1856

Eugenia S. Manning to her brother, Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

East New Market July 11th 1856

My Dearest Brother-

It was with so much pleasure that I read your kind letter on Saturday; and I should have answered it immediately but wanted to see Mr. Vincent first--he says he will attend to the renting of your farm when he sees Mr. Jones- Bro William went down to his farm yesterday-- and he said, Mr. Jones wanted it, - if you don't ask any more for it- this year than last.

Well my Brother how did you spend the 4th of July--but --I guess you had a delightful time. but I will tell you about E. Shore--there was an excursion that went from Thompson's Wharf and took almost every one from this neighborhood down the river, then to Denton & then to Baltimore & back next day --- they staid about an hour at the wharf in Baltimore --- Bro. William went and would have gone to see you but had not time; besides he said he did not know Green Street from any other, unless he had someone to tell him --- by the way he got to dancing and thought : it was quite nice guess he will be turned out of church; but he don't belong to any --- he says it is no sin to dance and he is just as good now as he ever was --- but I have strayed from the 4th there was speaking out at Marsh Creek- G. Lizzie Smith Dr. and I went in the afternoon to hear it:--when we got there Dr. Stafford (Miss Annie's beau) was speaking --- which was very good & then Elijah V Herins spoke and by the time he got through it was almost night and we had to come home --- Aunt Emily and her little girl came down in the Kent to Mr. Charles's the 5th I went to see her Sunday . She is very thin & looks badly --- I could scarcely realize that she was an aunt of our's --- it seems so strange to say Aunt but I guess it is so, that she is really an Aunt.

Billy Handy and Rose Wall are married and there is nothing but confusion in Cam (?) about them--such wretched talk--everything is said but --- something that should be (report) says he was found in her room very late at night- & there is even worse things said; but I sincerely hope there is no truth in it ---- I was down to Salisbury last Monday--Em asked very kindly for you --- she is very well Amy has been run away for two weeks and cannot be found & I don't care much if she never is for I am tired fooling with her --- besides it costs to much to have her caught --- There was a negro named John Barrett drowned in Dans's Mill Pond on Thursday night --- was drunk & went in swimming ---- There is some talk of there being a Camp Meeting at Indian Town --- I am glad to hear Sallie is coming & would be glad if you could come --- Bro William sends his best love to you both & says he cannot love a girl for her money: but as soon as he gets some he is coming to Baltimore to look at your girls --- Mers Green's family are mile (?) : but I have not seen Annie to tell her nor Mary Lizzie (?) but will tell them when I see them. All of your friends are well & send their love to you & say Sallie must come and that you must come whenever you can leave, All (that is) Saradi Lizzie Smith, Suddie Houston & Ann Matilda Webster are home. I must now say good-bye to my Dearest Brother, hoping to hear from you soon--a sister that will love you while life lasts--Eugenia

Please give my love to all inquiring friends truly
Your Sister Jennie