East New Market


21 June 1856 

Eugenia S. Manning to her brother, Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

East New Market June 21st 1856

My Dearest Brother

With so much pleasure did I read your very dear letter this morning-- it was so much like you; and although we are separated a letter from you seems that you are talking to me, yes, and although we are separated it is such a pleasure to know that you will still love each other-- that there is nothing that can sever hearts that love each other as you and I do ---- do write often my Brother----

Well, Bro William is still alive; but he don't know when he can come to Baltimore as he cannot collect any money, and you are aware that is what he really needs if anyone ever did -- he is in good spirits --- sends a great deal of love to you, thinks the poetry very nice, but he would not have that girl if she was the best in the world --- he has found out too much she, I hear, has but one beau and that is a gentleman that lives at the corner, he is called Captain and he is merchandising---

Miss Annie Orem is very well and sends her love to you-- but still says you are gashing -- she has caught another beau his name is Dr. Stafford from Preston, Caroline County --- he wears spectacles-- comes to see her very often-- he came from Del. and bought John C. Thompson out--

Mr. Hoot and the pretty Miss Wilson in Cambridge is to be married next Tuesday so is Rose Wale and Billy Handy --- by the by there is quite a stir in Cambridge about the last married gentleman & lady-- not very nice---

We are only going to have one Camp meeting and that is to be at Marsh Creek Caroline County

Sarah Lizzie Smith is coming home today week - There was no bill found against Billy Mackey --- he is in town and sends his love to you and Sallie -- he is very well and quite handsome --- Brother William says Capt. Woolen said he would pay you, the next trip he made, but as there is no confidence to be placed in his word ee will find out when he goes, and where he stops and write to you---- There is to be several boats to Cam on 4th of July and one from Thompsons Wharf down the Bay and back -- I was in Cam a week ago and see Jack -- he is well and has a good home one that makes him work and won't let him go in the street ---- How is Aaron & Charles? Tell Aaron his mother sends her love, and says she heard he had a child --- says she would like to see him, wife & child --- Aunt Margaret pays Dick Camper $30.00 a year to keep old Sylvia. She is well & doing well --- Old Mr. Kenifs has last his oldest daughter. Sarah Lizzie wife of Dr. Charles Jefferson --- she was 20 years old -- left a very small baby only 3 weeks old -- she died with heart disease --- Mrs. Manning has moved back to your house -- Give my love to Cousin Toms & Miss Mary's family --- I am so glad to hear you are enjoying yourself so much --- Your Brothers and Sister with uncle John & Aunt Elija and Mary Lizzie send best love to you and Sallie and say you must whenever you can five my love to Sallie and say to Sallie always I am sister devoted love for yourself -- Good bye and write soon to a Sister that truly loves you Eugenia

P.S. Please don't forget how to direct the next letter to a sister that is sincerely attached to a dear Brother