East New Market


5 June 1856 

Eugenia S. Manning to her brother, Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

E. New Market

June 5th 1856

My Dearest Brother,

I was so glad to hear from you and Sallie by Emily -- the things came safely, and are beautiful -- I am very much oblige to Sallie for getting them -- and every one that has seen them thinks they are so pretty ---

My Dear Brother, I am much better than when I last wrote to you; and although I am going about again, I was never so weak and can scarcely hold my pen so as to make a mark --- of all diseases I think that pulls one down the quickest - it is disease of Saryns Larynx (?) - Mr. Houston says it was just like his wife and son died with -- I could not speak for several days -- could not swallow even water for two days and my tongue was swelled out of my mouth ---

I see Mrs. Green and Annie last evening. They are well & send best love to you and Sallie. I gave her your letter but she says you are only gassing (?) her. they say you are such a favorite of theirs -- they were in Cambridge yesterday and see Mary Lizzie -- she sends her respects to you and says she don't expect she will get to Missouri this summer as he Uncle has given up the idea of going ---

Mr. Barber and Nannie Hooper were married last Monday week and went to Baltimore.

What has become of G. Thompson? he is in Baltimore and his wife and children here -- the sheriff sold part of his things last Saturday and this week he is going to sell his lands for him --- he has a law suit with two men in the city for beating him

Mrs. Manning has gone round to Mrs. Dean's (the Millinner Willisser (?)) to board, and your house is again idle - She is at the point of death -- perhaps she may be thought to be better this morning as she is easier -- Washington & Reosa (?) send their love to you ----

Aunt Eliza Scott sent me some of the nicest & largest strawberries a few days ago that I ever see in my life - how I wish you could have had part of them - they send their love to you both, so does Lizzie & children also Mr. Vincent & Sis Lavinia and say you must come over if you can this summer --- Buddie, I see a Mr. Bradly from Caroline - he says Mr. Frame has been offered $20.00 an acre for his farm, and says last year one field raised upwards of 200 barrels of corn - he is doing better than when we had it.

Billy Mackey told me about his serape (?) with Henry Mason - he has been in New Market but is now down Snowhill -- he talks of going west with some fellow -- I. Bradshaw & Wilsons trial is going on in Easton - Mr. Meyers's boys & Miss Emerson" girls are to have an exhibition on the 6th or tomorrow -- the boys speak and the girls play on Piano - Well Buddie, Bro William has quit going to see Miss Willie. You will find enclosed a piece of poetry that he, Bro William, gave Mr. Myers to give her and he would not let him have it again - When you see him, ask him why he ran so, when Willie went into Mr. Sinells (?) & he was there, and tell him Major's Shanghai is as long as any one else's that goes there, that is what old Mr. Fletcher told him about the Capt. and ask him what else the old man said, - I would tell you, but can't trust it on paper -- Bro William says he is coming as soon as he can get some money - he is promised some on Saturday - but he has been disappointed several times - don't forget to see about your farm as it is nearly time to see if they want it for another year --- It is very very warm, almost killing - Give my love to Sallie, Miss Mary's family and to cousin Tom - always saving a large share for yourself -- I hope you will come over if you can this summer. I want to see you both very much -- "May God bless you!

Ever until death a sister that loves you truly & sincerely --