East New Market


10 March 1861

From F.H. Houston to William T. Goldsborough

(Collection of John Barber, Florida)

Postmark: pmk Cambridge MD Mar 12

F. H. Houston Esq.
E.S. Maryland

Horns Point March 10th, 1861

Dear Sir,

I recd. today your letter of the 9th inst. making enquiries as to the purport of a casual conversation between Doct Cox and myself, on board the steamboat Kent, on my return home on Saturday March 2nd.  The Doctor and myself were much together on that day, and talked very freely upon various subjects – but relative to the particular object of your enquiring, I do not recollect any remarks of his, with sufficient accuracy, to become a witness in the case. The general impression made upon my mind was, that he, Doct Cox, after a conversation with H. Winter Davis, had not now, the same confidence, politically, in that gentleman which he formerly had. 

Doct Cox introduced me to you on that day, and any conversation which occurred, upon the subject referred to in your letter, was in the freedom of social intercourse between


between gentlemen, and ought not to have been made a theme of public comment, particularly of Newspaper criticism.  I regret to hear from your letter that any matter of difference has arrisen [sic] between you and Doct Cox – and it seems but fair and just, that he should be permitted to place his own interpretation upon language used, expressing ideas and feelings then entertained –

I am very respectfully yours

Wm. T. Goldsborough