East New Market


27 December 1863

Gov. Thomas H. Hicks to Dr. Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Cambridge December 27, 1863

A.L. Manning M.D.

My dear sir & friend, your kind and complimentary letter came to hand last evening. Thank you for the deep interest your take in my future welfare as also for your sustaining voice for that, that was. You have always sustained and defended me against the feeble assaults of foolish and misguided persons. To have the countenance of such true friends as yourself aired sore trials made opposition less than chaff. You that stood nobly by the Government of the U.S. in her extremity can look upon the past with pleasure and feel inexpressible gratitude for Heavenly guidance when all was madness around you, I well recollect your firmness in Maryland’s dark days when I had comparatively few to stand by me, you never quailed and now you have the right to say you are an original union man. Little doubt now exists to the ability of the Government to sustain itself and many once in favor to the confederates are rallying around the union standard for protection. God grant the time for triumph to our Arms may not be far in the future.

I am glad you received your condensed Census Report. Should have sent you more public documents, but did not know where they would find you. I am glad to know the health of out Regiment is good. Please present me kindly to our men for I do feel most kindly towards the soldiers who are suffering privations common to the Army for the preservation of the best Government ever known to the earth. To Captain Keene and Graham with all the officers of your Regiment I tender my sincere regards through your kindness and have the honor to be your faithful & obedient servant.

Thomas H. Hicks