East New Market


21 May 1864

Dr. Anthony L. Manning to Surgeon I. Simpson

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

[The envelope is marked OFFICIAL BUSINESS MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, U.S.A.   Dr. Manning wrote the following on the envelope:  An exact copy of a Statement of my Personal Services in the army to Surgeon I Simpson Med Director Middle Department 8th Army Corps.]

3rd Separate Brigade Hospital
8th Army Corps May 21st 1864 

Surgeon I Simpson
Med Director Middle
Depart 8th Army Corps 


      In obedience to instructions received on the 20th May 1864 from yourself, to make a statement of my personal service in the army, I have the honor to report that, my commission as Ast Regt Eastern Shore Md vols, dates the 18th of April 1863, accompanied with an order from the Executive Department of the State of Maryland to report to my Regiment for duty; Having reported in accordance with the order I was verbally ordered by the Commanding officer of the Regiment to Baltimore City for the purpose of being mustered into the service of the United States; The date of muster is April 20th 1863, which having complied with I was again verbally ordered by the same commanding officer of our Regiment to accompany a detachment of the Regiment under the Command of Major Wm. Kirby to Deals Island Md, where I remained on duty, until June 20th 1863, when by order of Major Wm. Kirby commanding detachment, I proceeded to Salisbury Md, to relieve Asst Surg Kemp in charge of the Hospital at that place 

By order from Regimental Hd Quarter dated Maryland Heights near Harpers Ferry July 19 1863 I removed the sick at my Hospital to Baltimore City, and proceeded to rejoin my Command, I then remained with my Regiment in the performance of regimental duty 

The Hd Quarters of the Regiment being transferred to Drummondtown, my station for duty was transferred along with it, to that place.

Agreeable to an order recd by Dr. Lecompte from Brigade Hd Quarters, I was ordered by Dr. B. Lecompte Surgeon of our Regiment to visit the various Picket Stations along the Telegraph line between Newtown and Pungoteage Va, which I faithfully discharged. 

By special order No 1 dated Hd Quarters 1st E Shore  ? vols  Jan'y the 6th 1864 I proceeded to Salisbury Md for the purpose of vaccinating a detachment of the command at that place, And also for the purpose of examining into Sanitary Condition of the town, having learned that Small Pox existed there:  The number of cases of the disease proved small; no cases occurring among the troops; having accomplished the duty, I received orders from Regt Hd Quarters by Telegram dated Drummondtown, Va Jan'y 12th 1864 to proceed to Easton Md to report to Capt Henniffore (ssore?), which having accomplished, I received a special order No 9 from Hd Quarters 1st Regt E Shore Md Volts Salisbury Md dated Feby 1st 1864 to remain three days in each week with company D at Centreville, Md and the remaining time to be spent with Company H at Easton Md; with which order I complied; On the 15th of April 1864 I received a special order No 3 1st Regt E Shore Md Volts Salisbury Md instructing me to make y permanent Hd Quarters at Centreville Md, and to remove all the sick in my charge from Easton to Centreville Md 

Again on April 13th 1864 I received another Special Order No 34 from Hd Quarters 1st Regt E Shore Md Volts at Salisbury Md directing me to remove all the medical stores and sick in my charge to those Hd Quarters, which having faithfully executed, I again received a A special Order No 21 From Hd Quarters 3rd Separate Brigade 8th Army Corps Baltimore April 25th 1864 to proceed at Baltimore Md, And on my arrival there to report to Brigade Hd. Quarters for further orders, which having compiled with, I again received a special order No 33 from Hd. Quarters 3rd Separate Brigade 8th Army Corps Baltimore May 10th 1864 detaching me from my regiment, and ordering me to report to asst surgeon Bacon Jr. U.S.A in charge of Brigade Hospital for duty therein, which I immediately proceeded to obey.