East New Market


9 February 1865 

Gov. Thomas H. Hicks to Dr. Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Washington F'eby 9th/65 

Dr A. L. Manning 

My Dear Sir 

      I regret ill health has prevented my visiting any of the Departments since you were here, and I fear my dissolution draws to a close; least from ill health  I should never be able to procure for you the appointment that you desire:  I now take great pleasure in recommending you to any of the heads of the Departments, and even to the President himself, as a man truly loyal from the beginning, who has sustained great hopes both in friends and in property since this Rebellion, whose life was in jeopardy at the same time as my own, and that you are in every respect highly qualified both as a gentleman and a scholar to fill any situation that you may ask for; and that you have sustained nobly this reputation from the beginning, to my personal knowledge; and that from others I have the same encouraging report that with credit and ability you have discharged the duties of a surgeon, for the past two years in our army to the entire satisfaction of the officers and the men under you;  That I have known you from a boy and your noble father before you, And that I hesitate not, aye, am glad of an opportunity to thus recommend you.  And would be equally glad to assist you personally, did my health permit. 

I regret to learn that you, like myself, have been sick, but trust that you may soon be well.  And that success and happiness may attend your efforts, though Providence should never again permit us to meet. 

Very truly yours &c 
Tho. H. Hicks