East New Market


28 January 1869

From F.H. Dean to Washington College

(Collection of Ophan's Court, Dorchester County Courthouse)

E.N. Market,
January 28th, 1869
Edward W. LeCompte Esq.

Dear Sir,

Allow me to introduce as an applicant for the free scholarship at Washington College, Master Joseph Collins, age about 18 years. in my estimation the appointment could not be confined upon a young man who is more deserving of it. I think he can pass examination. He is poor, but his mind is rich. In your knowledge, his means for acquiring an education had been limited, but he now stands equal to most boys of his age. His family record stands high, being from his mothers side of the best family, blood of old Dorchester.

Should it be in my power, I will take him down on Monday. If I am not, Judge Higgins will attend to his case. Please lay his application upon the appointing power, and by so doing now will confer a favour upon.

Yours who will value
Remember the Benevolent Act.
F.H. Dean