East New Market


28 January 1868

From F.H. Dean to E.W. LeCompte, Esq.

(Collection of Orphans Court, Dorchester County Courthouse)

East New Market, MD
Jany 28th, 1868 (1869)

Judge Higgins

Dear Sir, I made today application for the free scholarship at Washington College for Joseph Collins with who you are acquainted.  I honestly think him, deserving of this place.  No youth of his age bears a better character.  Can you not exert an influence in his favour that will gain him the position.  He is poor, but has a brilliant mind.  I think he can pass examination.

Hoping you win and me in procuring this position for him, one which I am sure he will receive, and so use that it will be an honor to the appointing power.

Yours Respectfully
F.H. Dean