East New Market


8 August 1876

Anthony M. Vincent to his uncle, Dr. Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Philada Pa. Aug 8th 1876

A. L. Manning MD E N Market Md

Dear Uncle
Yours of the Aug 4th wish at hand. Glad to hear from you and that you are anticipating visiting the Centennial City. I am sure you will enjoy the trip much. Think the exhibition will fully meet your expectations whether they be in extreme or not there is but little chance for disappointment. This is the greatest combination show of ingenuity. Man ever beheld or the imaginary mind ever thought to depict is here for one to ? over.

Oh: Man thou must what is within  Now

The buildings are very brie? Just think. Over one hundred acres of Sand Covered by all varieties of building both in fashions and material of all nations that are represented here have their stile of building and each different from U.S. the Great Contrast add beauty to the scene. ? running through them is 80 miles and are beautifully decorated with finest of Goods, Pictures, and Machinery. Man can not look upon the Combination without sighing for relief as everything is new and beautiful.

So admirable is it that you are led on by its fascinations degree by degree until your mind becomes dominant from excessive burdens and exertions to take in the ? completions and your Eyes ? becomes livid from incessant admiration and continual gazing at some Magnifying scene. Yes, you leave the grounds conscious of passing through an ordeal with much pleasure attached while viewing the grand scenery but, “oh, the leavings” Headache, feet nearly mashed off.. Corns bleeding. Pockets picked, watch gone TCTCTC.

“Grand Scenery.” More that grand. More delightful than any place upon the Globe as the prettiest sweetest and the most beloved women are here from all parts of the Civilized world displaying their Education and graces also their Tiebacks shoeheels and Hainlsims TCTCTC

We can suit you in ? Lady that will answer your ? precisely, her perfection is acknowledged and confirmed by all that know her men ready to bow at her shrine, while the Girls hale her with envy and regret their own imperfection & but you must not be surprised when I tell you she is a widow Rich in purse and ? all the qualities man like to cherish in One of his bosom. We have just been turned out our Boarding House for Centennial visitors. Let me hear from you again. Give my love to Aunt Eugenia and the Dr. I hope both of them are well. Love to my Friends in general. I have not heard from home for 2 months they never ? or think of writing to me. I am doing very well while times hard, money is Silver.

Good Bye
Your Nephew Vincent