East New Market


28 March 1877

Eugenia S.M. Thomas to her brother, Dr. Anthony L. Manning

(Collection of Karen Nicholson, Arlington, VA)

Dr. Anthony L. Manning Per Dan

March 28th, 1877

My Dear Brother

If to-morrow is a good day, get up very early; & dress ready to go to your Farm, we will send the carriage & horse out very early-"Say Sun-rise, (Thursday morning) & then you can get back by Sun-down & Dr. will  be in town & bring the carriage back-or you can stay until friday-but Dr. will be to see you early to-morrow & you can tell him what you will do--Don't drive old Charley to hard & I think he will carry you safely-Take care of yourself & be sure to be ready, early tomorrow morning-

Your Sister Eugenia