East New Market


2 August 1892

Emma Edmondson Jacobs to her daughter, Pink Jacobs

(Papers of the Edmondson/Jacobs Family, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries)

New Market, August 2, 1892

Dear Daughter,

Jeannie came home today sassy and well.  The severe hear lessened her flesh somewhat, much to her pleasure.  She left all the relative's well, except Sallie.  She is really better.  The flesh on her legs has burst, thereby letting off the water.  She is much relieved.  The Dr. says she may be able to go around again.  Jeannie was to see her on Saturday.  We had a letter from brother today.  He is to leave Mobile today, the second on leave.  The Seward was at Mobile when he wrote, and would be there for a week.  We expect him here on Friday at the latest.  Cousin Mattie is coming over with him for a few days.

How much you are enjoying you visit.  I feel under obligations to the kind friends who have given you so much pleasure.  If there were any one coming to Harrisonburg whom Mr. Townsend could trust you in care of, I should like you to come earlier than the eleventh.  I not, we will be satisfied to wait.

Mr. Wey stopped with us last Friday.  We have secured the lot next to the church from Mr. Webster for one hundred and seventy-five dollars.  We are to pay the money and get the deed this week when Mr. Wey comes again.

The Dukes girls are visiting Ms. May Wright.  Phenie and Mary Phelps stopped here yesterday.  They had been to call on those girls  Dr. and Mrs. Phelps were up today having the place on the opposite side of the street cleaned up.  She came over for a while.

Everyone is full of camp meeting talk.  The camp commences on Friday.  Flora Stevens and the Wrights are to have a tent.  My won't they splurge.  Have you heard of he fire in Cambridge, which burnt both sides of the street from the Church to the corner.  Dr. Steele was not insured, but saved most of his household goods.  He rented the house.  The Wallace house was on fire several times.  They moved all their furniture in the yard.  It was a dreadful time.

The weather is much cooler.  We have had splendid rains..  The flowers need your care very much.  I suppose I shall have to help them.  Edmund Suider and Jeanie send their love.  Papa joins me in love and kisses to our dear one.

Loving mother