East New Market


22 November 1894

Alice Webster to Hampton Hicks

(Collection of Michael Willis, Calvert County, Maryland)

East New Market
November 22, 1894

My Dear Friend:

Your letter was indeed a glad surprise!  I have often wondered where you are, and what you are doing.  I presume you are almost grown up, and I wish you would send me your photograph.  Thanksgiving will soon be here.  I suppose you have a holiday then.  We have that day and the following Friday.  I am thinking of going to Baltimore.  You asked if I were married yet.  No; I am not so fortunate.  Irving was married last July to a lady in Baltimore.  We have never seen her, but expect them to make us a visit soon.  We have heard she was very pretty.  Daisy Hubbard is to be married soon to Charlie Webster.  I wonder if Jennie will not come down.  The boys of your age around town are all going to see the girls – Wrightson Camper, Roland Carmine, Sam Webster, the Reed boys, and all of them.  I presume you are doing likewise.  I think you might write and tell me all about it.  Or is it the girl you left behind that you still have in remembrance?  I have never heard whether she has any admirers yet, as I seldom go to Hurlock.  They asked for me to come up there to teach, but I believe I like New Market better than there.  School is running about the same as ever.  I have 36 registered with a prospect of more.  I am kept busy all day and am very tired when night comes.  I was very glad to hear you contemplate coming to camp next Summer, although that seems a long way off, and a great many things may happen between now and then, but I hope we will live to meet again.  And I do hope you will always try to "Remember your Creator for the days of thy youth."  There are so many wicked snares for the young feet, and you may often find it hard to say no, but have a firm trust in God, and he will help you.  Is your work hard?  Do you like it?  The girls and boys all send love to you, and Martie Johnson wished especially to be remembered to you.  With best wishes for your future welfare, and hoping to hear from you again soon.  I remain,

Your sincere friend,

Alice Webster