East New Market


17 June 1895

Alice Webster to Hampton Hicks

(Collection of Michael Willis, Calvert County, Maryland)

E. New Market
June 17, 1895

Dear Friend:

Yours was received in due season, and I was very much pleased to hear from you.  I should have answered sooner, but was just contemplating a visit to the city and have only lately returned.

Weddings are all the style in New Market.  Annie Thompson and Arthur Crippen were married in April.  John Baker and India Smith were married last Tuesday and Nettie Seymour and Fred Dunn are to wed next Wednesday.  Probably if you lived here you would get in the fashion too.  Although you may now have some girl's image locked in your heart, and at a very early date there will be a wedding invitation from sunny Florida.  If such is the case I hope you will make up your mind to make her one of the best husbands that ever lived.  New Market is about the same prosy place as ever.  The boys and girls are growing up and courting each other of course.  I suppose they find that a very pleasant business.  I think Ella Isenberg and Geo. Eccles will be married next.  She told me to give her love to you.  Mr. Isenberg and Miss Hattie Abdell are engaged, and will be married sometime soon.  So you see I am left out in the cold, destined to be an old maid, unless somebody comes along and thinks I'll suit him.  I almost forgot to tell you about Cora Wood, they all live in Baltimore now, and Mr. Strinus[?] lives on the farm.  I think they want to sell their farm.  George has taken ( insert Jr.) Frank's place in the commission business, but I don't know whether he is very successful or not.  Fearing that you will not get this, I will close.  With best wishes for your welfare and that you may be a good Christian boy, I remain

Your true Friend,

Alice Webster

P.S. Write soon.