East New Market


28 April 1911

Eugenia Thomas to William V.E. Jacobs

(Papers of the Edmondson/Jacobs Family, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries)

28 April 1911 - East New Market, MD

Darling Grandson,

I was so glad to receive your good kind & ever welcomed letter.  It contained more of your love and great kindness, to your old Grannis.

Son, I have thought & thought over it - but I don't think I'm able to undertake it.  You know, I'm dependent for even company & may be alone anytime, beside I grow older everyday.  While I am not sick, old age is creeping on & I grow weaker all the time.  It was so kind in you to think of me, and make me such a good & kind offer.  It would be such a pleasure to me, if I was younger, to go to the old home, where I have spent so many happy days since childhood & your precious mother was so good to me & even now I love to think of her goodness and kindness to me & she was always the same to me through life.  I miss her more than I can take & shall always love her memory.  Your father was also, very kind to me.

Wish I was younger & could go & take charge of the dear home we all so loved so much & look after her beautiful flowers she loved so well & cared & worked with her dear hands.  Yes my child the rent would add much to my many growing needs.  I'm sorry but I will have to give it up.  I cannot thank you enough, for such kindness.  For I feel that you, dear grandchildren, are the ones I have to look to in my helplessness.  I will be 77 years old June 27 & my years' are drawing to a close.  You show me so much love on earth & hope you will not forget me in your prayers.

Grandson, I must thank you for the lovely Easter card, you sent me.  It was very pretty & nice.  We could not get anything nice in our little town.

We have had a long cold, wet Spring.  No summer clothes worn here & we have big coal fires still.  Farmers are trying to plow, but the ground is so wet.  We have only had a few sunshine days this month & then more rain.  It is cold here & not clear today.

Miss Gladys Coursen left last Monday.  We all were sorry to loose her.  Emma joins in love to you all.

Willie dear, I must again thank you for your kindness & hope you will get a good tenant for the dear home.  I have not heard a word about Mr. Loomis leaving & have asked several if he was going to stay another year?  I am going to write to Jean soon.  Please give love to sisters.  Nothing could give me more pleasure than to accept your kind offer if I was able, but it is too much for me.  Still it is to kind & I appreciate it so much & shall love you more than ever, it that is possible.

Write to me when you can & don't forget to write me about what you have done with the home.  Did you write to Mr. Loomis?  I believe he has not decided, or someone would have heard it.

Hope it will be all right.  As June draws near, I think more & more about you & your cruise.  You are not forgotten by one that loves you.

Your Grannie