East New Market


13 December 1911 

Eugenia Thomas to her granddaughter, Jean Jacobs

(Papers of the Edmondson/Jacobs Family, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries)

13 December 1911 - East New Market, Maryland

I hereby certify that I have received all of my Dower-interest in the estate of my husband, the late Dr. W.V.M. Edmondson, up to date.

Eugenia S. Thomas

13 December 1911 - East New Market, Maryland

My dear Granddaughter,

I was so glad to get you nice letter & hear you were all well and having such a nice time.  I enjoy hearing that.  Did you ever see such a fine winter weather.  We had a slight shower of snow, a week ago, last Monday; and it was cold for the balance of the day, but the next day (Tuesday) it was like Spring and has continued warm up to the present time.  It is now cloudy & looks as if we might have rain.  Everybody is at work outdoors.  Our new neighbors have moved "Mrs. Reid".  Mrs. Wheatley's mother has been sick ever since she has been here & Dr. Nichols attending her.  It is deep cold.  She is up but does not leave her room.

I have not seen Mrs. Ellen for a week. She was not well last week, but come up one evening to see me.  I hope she is well.  I have not heard of her being sick since.

Well Jean, I must thank you for my nice Thanksgiving dinner brought by dear May H. Wright & Elizabeth.  She brought Turkey, Chicken Salad on lettuce Celery, Biscuit, Fried Oysters, Plum pudding, & two kinds of sauce. Henry sent me two partridges (birds not cooked) & had them next day for dinner.  Now was not that nice of them.  I appreciate it so much.  I could not help thinking of dear Willie & Dandridge, bringing such a nice dinner to me, from you all.  I can never forget such kindness.  Well Jean, Dr. E. Jones & Miss Davis (a trained nurse) were married on Thanksgiving night in Cambridge, ceremony performed by Mr. East.

Mrs. Blake has a fine large daughter born Sunday night.  Mother & babe both doing well.  Ruth is delighted with her sister.

Baptist Church looks fine.  Don't look like the same house.  I hear they have bought a lot in Hurlock & will build someday.

Lollie was up to Church on Sunday night.  She said she was going to send you some evergreens.  Will reach you on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Hope they will reach you all right.  Victor came with her.  Her little niece has been ill with Typhoid & now has appendicitis.

Glad to hear Jim's son is better.  Aunt Hester came yesterday to hear from him & to know if Jenny went to live with them?  She says, she hopes she was with them.  Told me to give her love to him, to you all, & ask you to tell Jenny to write her.  Says she would love to have a letter from her right soon.

Mrs. John Webster is visiting her father in Salisbury.  Myra Dean is home and looks fine.

Quite a number of applicants for Dr. Harbaugh's house, but not rented yet.

Dr. Phillips had all the family to take dinners on Thanksgiving day.  He wanted them Mrs. Payne went - he (Dr.) has been very sick but is out again.

Mrs. T. Gambrill fell down stairs and broke her arm.  She was bad for a while but was on the Street yesterday.

Mrs. Vanderbogart was here to hear the Bishop.  Billy Andrews & Gertie were to see me Sunday.  They sent love to you all.

Mrs. Saxton came to see me.  She said May was still at Mr. T. Simmons & was improving.  She now weighs 145 lbs more than she ever did before.  Emma joins in love to you.

Jean read the enclosed & please hand it to Pink to keep.  Thank you for the receipt.  Give my love to Bro & Sister & to friends & her family when you write.  John so glad dear Dandridge will be with you all at Xmas.  I know he will be so glad for he has been studying so hard.  Kiss him for me.  Write soon to one that loves you, Grannis.

Hamford is not married yet.