East New Market


Denton Journal

18 April 1908 - Federalsburg

Three representatives of Federalsburg High School won from an equal number representing East New Market High School in a joint debate at the Academy building, at East New Market, on April 10th.  The subject for discussion was "Resolved, that books have more influence on a man's character than the company he keeps."  Federalsburg had the affirmative.  Her representatives were Messrs. Ernest Handy, Russell Carroll, and Miss Jennie Trice.  East New Market had the negative with the following debaters:  Mr. Eugene Thayer and Misses Marguerite Holland and Nellie Slacum.  All the members of the opposing teams acquitted themselves admirably, and there was but little to choose between them, the judges Rev. Mr. Shipman, of Hurlock, Md., and Messrs. Fred E. Malick and L.L. Laney, of Dover, Del., according Federalsburg 89 percent and East New Market 88 1/2 percent.